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Rembrandt, Self Portrait (detail), 1659.
Claude Monet (The Reader) by Renoir, 1874.

Portrait in painting is an artistic representation of a person. It could also be a photograph, sculpture, or other medium.

Portraiture was ranked number two in the old academic tradition;

Charles Willson Peale Self Portrait 1822.jpg

Charles Willson Peale, Self Portrait, 1822.

Abraham Lincoln by John Wesley Jarvis, 1861.
John Marshall by Henry Inman, 1832.jpg

John Marshall by Henry Inman, 1832.

See also

Self-Portrait of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, 1670-1673.

Anthony van Dyck, Charles I King of England at the Hunt, 1635.
Konstantin Makovsky, Alexander II of Russia, 1881.
Rembrandt, The Artist's Mother, ca. 1629.