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Blair Scott serves on the American Atheists board of directors.[1] Mr. Scott formerly served as a State Director for the American Atheists organization in the state of Alabama. On December 1, 2012 he quit his post as a director of outreach for the American Atheist due to infighting within the American atheist movement (see: Atheist factions).

Mr. Blair wrote:

I have spent the last week mulling over what I want to do at this point in the movement. I’m tired of the in-fighting: at every level. I am especially tired of allowing myself to get sucked into it and engaging in the very behavior that is[2]

American Atheists and their challenges in terms of overweight leadership personnel

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Madalyn Murray O'Hair was the founder of the American Atheists organization and she was overweight.[3] One of the last pictures taken of Madalyn Murray O'Hair features her standing before a cake as can be seen HERE.

As of December 28, 2010, the pictures of the members of the American Atheists organization's board of directors showed a significant portion of its members having excess body weight. Members of the American Atheists board of directors who were overweight as of December 28, 2010 included: Richard Andrews, Blair Scott, Monty Gaither, and Ann Zindler. A picture of an overweight Richard Andrews can be found HERE. A picture of an overweight Blair Scott can be found HERE. A picture of an overweight Monty Gaither can be found HERE. A picture of an overweight Ann Zindler can be found HERE.

On August 11. 2013, a new overweight member of their board of directors was listed - namely, Jamila Bey.[4] A video of an overweight Jamila Bey can be seen HERE.

The current pictures of the American Atheists board of directors can be found HERE.

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