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Lawrence Krauss, who has been accused of engaging in sexual harassment, is speaking at the Anti-Theism International Convention 2020.[1]

The Anti-Theism International Convention 2020 is an atheist conference scheduled to take place in Brighton, England on April 4th-5th, 2020.[2] The convention is named in to pay tribute to Christopher Hitchens who preferred to call himself an ‘anti-theist’.[3] The atheist Lawrence Krauss, who is accused of sexually harassing women, is one of the scheduled speakers.[4]

According to the YouTube atheist Mr. Atheist, eight atheists, seven of which are white males, were scheduled to be speakers at the convention (see: Atheism and white males and Atheism, race and gender).[5] However, the atheists Maryam Namazie and Aron Ra have withdrawn from being speakers at the event.[6][7] The Anti-Theism International Convention 2020 website now states: "Fulfilling the International nature of this event, our speakers represent the UK, the USA, Canada, Denmark and Nigeria." (Lola Tinabu, a black, woman atheist from Nigeria will be speaking on behalf of Association of Black Humanists).[8]

In recent years, international cooperation among atheists has been low and there is much infighting within the atheist movement (see: Atheism and international cooperation among atheists and atheist factions). For example, the 2018 Global Atheist Convention was cancelled (see: 2018 Global Atheist Convention that was cancelled).

The new atheist Richard Dawkins tweeted about the Anti-Theism International Convention 2020: "Looking forward to this anti-theism convention in Brighton, 4th-5th April 2020."[9] According to the Anti-Theism International Convention 2020 website: "Richard Dawkins will be presented with the Lifetime of Service to Rationalism Award by Lawrence Krauss."[10]

Atheist Hemant Mehta on the Anti-Theism International Convention 2020

Christian anti-atheism blogger on the Anti-Theism International Convention 2020

Videos about Anti-Theism International Convention 2020 co-organizer of the convention

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John Richards (the Publications Director of Atheist Alliance International) and Lance Gregorchuk are organizers for the Anti-Theism International Convention. [11] According to the Mr. Atheist YouTube channel, Lance Gregorchuk is the main funder of the convention.[12]

Below are videos which feature Lance Gregorchuk talking about the atheist Lawrence Krauss being a speaker at the convention:

Atty Awards being given out at the Anti-Theism International Convention 2020

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Stephen Fry and Ian McEwan will serves as judges for awards being given to atheists at the convention which have been given the name the Atty Awards.[13]

Subsequent to reading information about the Atty Awards being given out at the Anti-Theism International Convention 2020, the atheist PZ Myers in a blog post entitled How did the so-called rationalist community become so gullible? states:

One of their big things is a gala awards banquet, in which they’ll be handing out awards for “Atheist of the Year” and “Jesus Mythicist of the Year” and “Best Atheist Video of the Year”, etc. You can make nominations, if you’d like, but a panel of unnamed judges will make the final decision, and I suspect that all the winners will conform to the organizer’s somewhat regressive political leanings. Furthermore, the hyperbole will turn your stomach.
You’ve heard of the Oscars, Emmys and Baftas?
This is the Attys! (the Anti-Theism International Awards)

Yes, I’ve heard of the Oscars, Emmys and Baftas. The “Attys” are not exactly of the same rank. It gets worse.

The Atty Awards are probably the most prestigious Awards in the Atheist Community and winning a Atty Award will not only get you recognition within the Atheist Community, it will give you a chance to enjoy giving worldwide speaking engagements as well as Keynote presentations at many events around the world. The Awards will be presented by some of the most famous atheist on the planet and the winners will be invited to the VIP area of the after awards ceremony for photo opportunites and press talks.

These “Atty Awards” have not been given out before, are a new invention of this oddly new and nebulous organization, and they are already the most prestigious award an atheist can get? Wow. Winning one will get you worldwide speaking engagements? Really? I sure hope none of the winners proudly advertise themselves as recipients of an Atty Award, because it’s not going to impress[14]

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