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Atheists for Liberty is an atheist organization that is right of center politically. According to its website: "Atheists for Liberty is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting for and sustaining individual rights and the separation of religion & government."[1]

Atheists for Liberty disparages progressive atheists and states: "Even much of the atheist community which used to pride itself on steadfast free-thinking principles, has fallen victim to the poisonous, emotional forces of Intersectionality, Social Justice, and “Wokeness”."[2] See also: Western atheism, schisms and political polarization and SJW atheists and Secular left

The atheists/agnostics Michael Shermer, Peter Boghossian and David Silverman endorse Atheists for Liberty.[3]

The atheist PZ Myers on the atheist organization Atheists for Liberty

The atheist PZ Myers wrote concerning the atheist organization Atheists for Liberty:

He could have been much more specific about who these pariahs are simply by listing the board of advisors for Atheists for Liberty.

That’s a real rogues gallery of racists, rapists, evolutionary psychologists, and dishonest scum. It’s as if they went looking for people who should be pariahs and tried to elevate them! These are the kinds of people who still get invited to atheist conferences, you know. When was the last time you saw Rebecca Watson or me at a conference? Or on the board of advisors for an atheist group?[4]

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