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The Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy says about David Hume: "Although many of Hume's own contemporaries were happy to label Hume an 'atheist', our own contemporaries are more divided on this issue."[1]

In the United States, atheists are a small faction of the political right.[2] Since the 1960s/1970s, there was a significant trend of religious conservatives becoming Republicans.[3] But the secular right is growing in the United States and this is partly due to the alt-right movement.

As far as politically center of right atheists/agnostics, there is a stronger wing of the right of center politics in the United Kingdom, with famous adherents such as David Hume and Reginald Johnston,[4] and Tory MP Michael Portillo.

In South Korea, the Head of the conservative party was an atheist while he was running against a Roman Catholic liberal.[5]

Atheism and libertarianism

According to the Murray N. Rothbard, who writes for the Ludwig von Mises Institute, most libertarians at the present time are atheists.[6] Ayn Rand was a libertarian and atheist.

Rothbard also declares:

There are many libertarians who are theists, Jewish or Christian. Among the classical-liberal forebears of modern libertarianism in a more religious age there were a myriad of Christians: from John Lilburne, Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, and John Locke in the 17th century, down to Cobden and Bright, Frédéric Bastiat and the French laissez-faire liberals, and the great Lord Acton.[7]

Both Ron Paul and Rand Paul are religious libertarians.

Agnosticism, atheism and the alt-right

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Professor George Hawley of the University of Alabama and author of the book Making Sense of the Alt-Right said in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR) about the alt-right movement:

I would say it is definitely a young movement. I'd say that it is predominantly white millennial men. It is not sort of stereotypically conservative in its profile. I'd say that probably it is a more secular population than the country overall. That is, there are a lot of agnostics and atheists or people who are just generally indifferent to religion. And I think that it is a fairly well-educated movement on average, that as I think that probably the model alt-right member has at least some college education.[8]

In the Western World whites and males are both majorities within the atheist population (see: Demographics of atheism and Western atheism and race and Atheism and women).

The alt-right leader Richard Spencer is an atheist who calls himself a "cultural Christian".[9]

Secular left vs. secular right

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