Beta Capricorni

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Beta Capricorni
Observational Data
Designation β Capricorni
Beta Cap
Right ascension 20h 21m 00.67s[1][2]
Declination -14° 46′ 53.0″[1][2]
Constellation Capricornus
Type of object Bright giant star
Magnitude Apparent Mag: +3.05[3]
Absolute Mag: -2.07 / -1.95[3]
Distance from Earth 326.82 ly[3]
Radial velocity -19.00 ± 0.60 km/s[3]
Proper motion RA: 44.92 ± 1.09 mas/yr[3]
Dec: 7.38 ± 0.58 mas/yr[3]
Parallax 9.98 mas[3]

Beta Capricorni (β Capricorni, Beta Cap) is a bright giant star in the constellation of Capricornus.[4] The second brightest star in the constellation, it is also known by the word "Dabith", which comes from the Arabic "al-dhābiḥ" meaning "the butcher."[5] The star is the larger star in a binary system. The two stars are distinguished as "Dabith major" and "Dabith minor" or alternatively "Beta Capricorni A" and "Beta Capricorni B." It is the second brightest star in the Capricornus constellation and is not known to possess any exoplanets.

Properties and structure

The Beta Capricorni system is situated 328 light years from Earth.[5] The two stars are seperated by by 3.5 arc-minutes which at this distance correpsonds to 0.34 ly. The two stars orbit each other with a period of 700,000 years.[5] The bright star, Beta Capricorni A, has an apparent magnitude of +3.05 while its companion star appears slightly dimmer in the night sky with an apparent magnitude of +6.09. Beta Capricorni B is the smaller star in the binary system.


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