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Joel [Hebrew יוֹאֵל - transliterated Yoel] is a book of the Bible written by Joel, one of the Minor Prophets and the son of a man named Pethuel. The Book of Joel is one of the shortest books of the Old Testament, spanning three chapters mainly relegated to the prophecy of judgement against evildoers, a call to repentance, followed by the blessings that Israel will receive by dwelling and following the one true God, Yahweh.


The author of the Book of Joel, as ascribed to within the first verse of the book, is a man named Joel.[1] Aside from the fact that Joel lived some time in the first millennium BC, that he was a prophet, and that the name of his father was Pethuel, little else can be known about Joel. The Book of Job is also very short, and there is nothing in the book that allows scholars to place a solid date on the books composition, with estimates ranging from anywhere between 800 - 350 BC.[2][3][4] However, there is no concrete evidence for any particular dating at all, and therefore no solid attempts should be made at attempting to locate Joel's composition within any certain period of history.


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