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The book of I Kings is a historical time line showing how the kings of Israel and Judea obeyed or disobeyed God and is part of the Old Testament of the Bible. It covers the time period from the final days of King David's life and what occurred to make Solomon King until the death of wicked King Ahaziah. I Kings picks up when II Samuel left off and is followed by II Kings. Coinciding histories are given in the Biblical book of II Chronicles which also starts with Solomon, but ends in a different place.

I Kings covers the time period from approximately 970 to 853 B.C. This book was approximately written around the time of the Babylonian Exile of the Jews, somewhere between 560 and 550 B.C. The author of this book is uncertain, but many Jewish traditions believe the prophetJeremiah to be the author.

(In the Hebrew Bible used by Judaism, there is only one book called "Kings". Similar to I & II Samuel, the split was made in the Septuagint and that standard was later picked up by Christianity.)

Events Covered

  • Chapter 1: David is shown to be on his deathbed. Adonijah son of David tries to set himself up as king; with the help of Nathan the prophet Bathsheba convinces David to make their son Solomon the next king.
  • Chapter 2: Solomon has his last talk with David before David's death; he establishes his throne.
  • Chapter 3: God grants Solomon one request. Solomon asks for wisdom. Because of his choice, Solomon will be made the wisest person who ever lived.
  • Chapter 4: List of Solomon's governors, discussion of the borders of his kingdom and his wisdom
  • Chapter 5: Preparations for building the Temple of God
  • Chapter 6: The building of the Temple
  • Chapter 7: The building of Solomon's palace and discussing the furnishings in the Temple
  • Chapter 8: The Ark of the Covenant is brought to the Temple and the Temple is dedicated
  • Chapter 9: God appears to Solomon; other activities of Solomon
  • Chapter 10: The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon
  • Chapter 11: Solomon's wives lead him astray; adversaries arise; Jeroboam rebels; Solomon dies
  • Chapter 12: Kingdom split into the Northern Kingdom of Israel and Judah
  • Chapter 13: A prophet of God speaks out against evil practices in Israel, but is led astray and killed
  • Chapter 14: Ahijah prophesies against Jeroboam; Rehoboam king of Judah
  • Chapter 15: Abijah king of Judah; Asa king of Judah; Nadab king of Israel; Baasha king of Israel
  • Chapter 16: Baasha overthrown by Jehu; Elah king of Israel; Zimri king of Israel; Omri king of Israel; Ahab king of Israel
  • Chapter 17: The prophet Elijah
  • Chapter 18: The prophet Elijah
  • Chapter 19: The prophet Elijah, and the calling of Elisha
  • Chapter 20: Ben Hadad attack Samaria; Ahab defeats Ben Hadad; a prophet condemns Ahab
  • Chapter 21: Naboth's vineyard
  • Chapter 22: Miciah prophesies against Ahab; Ahab killed; Jehoshaphat king of Judah; Ahaziah king of Israel