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Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA is leftist suburb of the liberal Massachusetts capital city of Boston. It is best known as the home of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge has been rated as the fifth among the most liberal American cities in the United States.[1]

Cambridge vs. the Boy Scouts

After previously allowing a local troop of the Boy Scouts of America to collect donations for the troops at polling places, election officials abruptly reneged on their invitation and ordered the donation boxes removed after one local citizen complained that the Scouts' message was too pro-war.[2]

"The liberal hypocrisy involved is apparent. At the same polling station that was the scene of the complaint, there were '75 other fliers.' Those fliers included messages 'promoting Get out of Iraq, Campus Green, [and] College Democrats of America.' Only the Scouts’ flier was deemed to be political and removed that morning."

"Self-identified liberals such as the officials in Cambridge often say, 'I support the troops but not the war.' It’s becoming clear, however, that this mantra is insincere. Cambridge, a classic liberal city with officials to match, embraces and enforces a policy agenda that reflects a left liberal political philosophy." [3]

Other examples of liberal college towns include Berkeley, California, Santa Cruz, California; Madison, Wisconsin and Austin, Texas.

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