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Dusty Smith (born: March 10, 1976), better known as Cult of Dusty, is an atheist/political vlogger who has been active on YouTube since 2008 (see: YouTube atheism).[1][2] Cult of Dusty is a progressive atheist. Subsequent to the decline of the atheist movement, most of his content is political (see also: Atheism and politics).[3] Cult of Dusty is a supporter of Bernie Sanders.[4]

Because Cult of Dusty loathed Hillary Clinton, for a period of time he was a Donald Trump supporter. For example, at Reddit he joined r/The_Donald. [5] See: Donald Trump and American atheists

For awhile, Cult of Dusty went through an anti-SJW period which caused much of his liberal/leftist audience to leave him.[6][7] In addition, because he loathed Hillary Clinton, for a period of time he was a Donald Trump supporter. For example, at Reddit he joined r/The_Donald.[8] On October 28, 2016, Smith uploaded a video called Why I Joined The alt-right And Why I Quit.[9] In early 2017, Smith became a heavy critic of Donald Trump, right-wing politics, the alt-right, and the anti-SJW community.[10] See also: Atheism and the alt-right and Donald Trump and American atheists

Cult of Dusty is known for advocating atheism in a boisterous and aggressive manner - especially during the time when New Atheism was at its peak.[11] Cult of Dusty often mentions what it is like to be an atheist in the religious, southern portion of the United States (See also: Atheism and social outcasts). Cult of Dusty is from Mississippi.[12]

On December 9, 2019, in a video about David Silverman, who is being accused of inappropriately touching several women (see: Atheist Alliance International's hiring of David Silverman), Cult of Dusty said the atheist community is "cringe" and he doesn't want to have anything to do with it anymore.[13] See also: Decline of the atheist movement

On October 24, 2011, which was near peak of the New Atheism movement, Cult of Dusty produced a profanity laced video entitled Atheists Own The Internet! The video received over 100,000 views and in the video he bragged about how active atheists were on social media.[14] Cult of Dusty often engages in profanity (see: Atheism and profanity).

On August 18, 2018, Cult of Dusty published a YouTube video indicating that he has been permanently banned from Twitter and he has also been banned from Facebook and Twitch.[15] Anti-SJW individuals, many of whom are atheists, have been flagging his social media content. In recent years, within the atheist population the secular right has been growing via the growth of the alt-right (See: Atheism and the alt-right). As a result, the infighting within the atheist population has been increasing (see: Atheist factions). Cult of Dusty had his Twitter account restored.[16]

Cult of Dusty said his opponents have had an "incredible effect" on his viewership on the internet in terms of suppressing its viewership.[17] Cult of Dusty's opponents are alt-right/right-wing/men's right activists (And as noted above, many of whom are atheists).

In addition, since this time, internet atheism has seen a marked decline (see: Internet atheism web traffic volume). In addition, YouTube atheism has seen a big decline (see: YouTube atheism).

Atheist Hemant Mehta accuses Cult of Dusty of engaging in racism

See also: Atheism and racism

Cult of Dusty and others often telling him he acts like an non-emotional robot

See also: Atheism and empathy

Cult of Dusty said he is often accused of acting like a non-emotional and unfeeling robot.[18]

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