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PZ Myers is one of the more active bloggers at Freethought Blogs.

During the period of 2008 to 2012, the atheist community made a concerted effort to spread atheism through means of the internet. However, leading atheist websites saw plunges in web traffic during the latter period of this time.[1] See also: Internet atheism

In 2016, an article entitled 2015 was a terrible year for internet atheism featured Alexa web traffic graphs which indicated that some prominent atheist websites lost a significant portion of their global market share.[2] Since 2012, Freethought Blogs (a collection of atheist bloggers) saw a significant decline in its web traffic.[3]

An article entitled Internet atheism: The thrill is gone! declares:

In 2007, the Bible believer Chuck Norris noted that atheists were making a concerted effort to spread atheism via the internet. As you you will soon see via the graphs below, it has been an abysmal failure! The atheist community flooded the internet with a lot of shallow, ill-reasoned fluff that many in the public quickly dismissed.[4]

For more information see: Internet atheism - post 2007 market share loss

Decline of YouTube atheism

In December 2015, a video entitled What Killed YouTube Atheism? was released giving a number of reasons YouTube atheism saw a big decline.[5]

Elevatorgate and Richard Dawkins' loss of online influence

See also: Atheist movement and Elevatorgate

Richard Dawkins is still widely criticized for causing embarrassment to his fellow atheists via his Elevatorgate scandal and for igniting deep fractures in the atheist movement.[6]

Graph showing Richard Dawkins' loss of influence post Elevatatorgate

See also: Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science website

As can be seen by the graph below, by means of embedded code on his website from Quantcast, Quantcast directly measured the web traffic of Richard Dawkins' website. Traffic to Dawkins website is significantly down post-Elevatorgate scandal.

Although his following of Dawkian atheist has significantly waned post-Elevatorgate and due to his generally abrasive manner, he does retain a small cult following (See: Richard Dawkins' loss of influence and Richard Dawkins' cult of personality and Atheist cults).

According to the web traffic tracking company Quantcast, the web traffic of Richard Dawkins' website fell in 2012.[7] By October 2014, the web traffic for his website fell to a lower level according to Quantcast.[8]

In October 2012, Rebecca Watson published a story about Elevatorgate and its aftermath in Slate entitled, It Stands to Reason, Skeptics Can Be Sexist Too: I spoke out about sexual harassment among atheists and scientists. Then came the rape threats.[9]

The web traffic was measured via Quantcast which directly measured Dawkins' website traffic via embedded code on his website.[10]

Recent web traffic according to Quantcast which directly measured Dawkins' website traffic

The above graph shows the monthly website traffic to Richard Dawkins' website as of June 22, 2015 in terms of unique monthly web visitors.[11] As you can see above, in 2012, Richard Dawkins saw a very large decrease in web traffic. The website traffic is measured via Quantcast which directly measures Dawkins' website traffic via embedded code on his website.[10]

Alexa ranking of Richard Dawkins' website

See also: Alexa rankings of Richard Dawkins' website

According to Alexa, Richard Dawkins website lost a large amount of its global market share during to period between 2010 and the beginning portion of 2012.
In 2015, Richard Dawkins' website fell in terms of its Alexa ranking.
In 2016, Richard Dawkins' website lost a considerable amount of global market share according to the web traffic tracking company Alexa.
In 2016 and the in the beginning portion of 2017, the global internet market share of Richard Dawkins' website has been falling according to the web traffic tracking company Alexa.

Post sexual harassment allegations against Lawrence Krauss and David Silverman, searches for atheism related topics have dropped markedly

Reddit atheism

See also: Reddit atheism

Reddit atheism, also known as r/atheism, is one of the largest internet groups of atheists.[12]

In 2013 Reddit atheism lost its main page status

In 2013 it suffered a major setback as it lost its status as a default subreddit (default subreddits are the forums that all non-logged in users see when they visit the site. In other words, the atheism subreddit was removed from its homepage).[13]

In 2016, due to Reddit removing inactive "ghost accounts", Reddit reduced the amount of members in Reddit atheism by 10,000 user accounts.[14]

Reddit atheism has a bad reputation

A June 14, 2013 Mashable article declared: "In recent years, r/atheism has become known for memes, images, quote pictures and other content viewed by some as "low brow."[12]

According to the website, "The term “reddit atheist” has evolved as a shorthand in recent years for a negative internet cliché, that of the rabid Richard Dawkins supporter, the mansplainer..." [14]

Historically, the atheist population has often used mockery as a substitution for reasonable discussion/debate and Reddit atheism is a continuation of this tradition (see: Atheism and mockery).

Ineffectiveness of much of internet material

In 2007, WorldNetDaily featured a column by Chuck Norris concerning atheism and the internet which declared:

Atheists are making a concerted effort to win the youth of America and the world. Hundreds of websites and blogs on the Internet seek to convince and convert adolescents, endeavoring to remove any residue of theism from their minds and hearts by packaging atheism as the choice of a new generation. While you think your kids are innocently surfing the Web, secular progressives are intentionally preying on their innocence and naïveté.

What's preposterous is that atheists are now advertising and soliciting on websites particularly created for teens...

YouTube, the most popular video site on the Net for young people, is one of their primary avenues for passing off their secularist propaganda.[15]

Atheism internet outreach efforts, however, Ineffectiveness of atheist internet outreach.