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Dmitry Rogozin

Dmitry Rogozin is a Russian politician, known for his ardent defense of Russia’s national interests.[1]

In the 1990’s Rogozin fought in the conflicts in Moldova and Yugoslavia. He served under the Putin administration as Russia’s ambassador to NATO, where he became infamous for his passionate rhetoric and heated and sarcastic verbal and social media sparring with then NATO head Anders Fogh Rassmussen, often right in the middle of NATO-Russian council sessions.

He also served as deputy prime minister in charge of the defense industry and head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos.

NATO war in Ukraine

See also: NATO war in Ukraine

In early 2022, along with dozens of Russian government officials and officials, he volunteered to join the Russian intervention in the Ukrainian civil conflict. He has since led the “Tsar Wolves”, a volunteer unit which consists of experienced military advisers and experts with rich combat experience. Its main task is military-technical support for the military units of the DPR and LPR.

Rogozin decried the use of combat aviation in the modern ISR-rich battlefield, which has, in essence, obsoleted the glorious ‘strike hammers’ of the 1980’s.

“The battle with NATO and its puppet and heavily armed Ukraine showed that modern war is a war of robotic means that ensure the effectiveness of artillery and assault infantry. This is a war of avatars, combat robots, when the outcome of the battle is decided not by a two-meter giant sollate with a formidable machine gun at the ready, but by a “smart bespectacled man” who creates a reconnaissance and attack UAV with a protected radio link, a complex for overcoming enemy electronic warfare jamming and localizing his UAV according to video data, as well as another “smart bespectacled man” who can deftly dispose of this means of modern war, establish the location of the enemy and within a couple of minutes give our art the exact coordinates of the enemy.”

He went to outright call for the entirety of Russia’s aviation and fleet capabilities to be unmanned and autonomous.

"Similarly, it is time to finally understand that both aviation and the fleet should be predominantly unmanned and have increased stealth from the enemy and autonomy of application. Air and sea drones will inevitably displace combat aviation and the traditional fleet. And all other participants in the armed conflict should proceed from the fact that all of the action will be fixed by means of optical-electronic, radio-technical and other types of enemy reconnaissance - space and unmanned / air, and the most important means of their survival on the battlefield is the maintenance of "indestructible" communication between units and the efficiency of decision-making."[2]

'Marker' robotic tank

Rogozin pioneered the entry of Russia’s ‘Marker’ UGV’s (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) into the SMO. The robotic vehicle comes in numerous variants which allow it to serve roles of tank-killer (with Anti-Tank Guided Missiles or ATGM’s), anti-infantry, anti-air, or a combat-mule which hauls ammo, supplies, or wounded soldiers.[3]}}

Assassination attempt

Rogozin was gravely wounded in Donetsk on December 21, 2023 in a salvo of precision artillery strikes by the Kiev regime, an obvious targeted assassination attack, on the hotel where he was briefly staying, in the midst of a dinner celebrating his 59th birthday. The strike also killed two friends and colleagues, with several others wounded, including the prime minister of the Donetsk People's Republic, Vitaly Khotsenko.

The former space boss suffered a concussion and was wounded in the right shoulder with shrapnel which landed “a millimeter” away from his spine. The shrapnel removed from his back in a delicate operation by surgeons proved to be from a NATO 155mm shell fired from a French Caesar Howitzer.

Rogozin later sent a letter along with the shrapnel fragment removed from his own spine to the French envoy Pierre Levy in Moscow, to be passed on to the French President Emmanuel Macron. He also posted the contents of the message to Macron on social media. It reads,


Your Excellency Mr. Ambassador!

I recall with pleasure my conversations with you on joint trips to the Borodino field and Baikonur. At that time we discussed a lot and often the prospects for Russian-French political and economic cooperation.

Unfortunately, the position of your country and the NATO countries on growing a military threat to Russia near our borders has led to a tragic denouement. The words and deeds of France miraculously diverged diametrically. Official Paris betrayed the cause of the great de Gaulle and became one of the most bloodthirsty states in Europe. Your country has submitted to the dictates of Washington and has become a puppet state in the style of the Vichy government, serving the basest instincts of the Nazis. I am writing about this with pain, because I have always loved French history, I know the language and culture of France, and I honor the memory of the glorious deeds when the Russians and the French fought together against common threats.

Recently, as a result of a vile terrorist act in Donetsk, I was seriously injured. It is only thanks to the great skill and patience of Russian military and civilian doctors that I am alive and almost healthy again. In this envelope, along with my letter, you see a fragment from a shell fired by the French 155-mm Caesar self-propelled artillery mount. It pierced my right shoulder and stuck in the fifth cervical vertebrae, just a millimeter away from killing me or rendering me immobile. This French howitzer shell killed two of my young friends, leaving their wives as widows and their children as orphans. These guys accompanied us on a trip to Baikonur, you shook hands with them. Now they are killed by weapons supplied to Ukraine by your country. You probably know how many civilians were killed in Donetsk and the front-line cities of Novorossia by French weapons and French mercenaries. There are hundreds of people, including children.

Mr. Ambassador, what is France doing, what are you doing in the conflict that Western politicians have kindled between the Slavic peoples? I hope you understand the measure of your personal responsibility for these murders! You are the extraordinary and plenipotentiary representative of the Fifth Republic, and you are responsible. And I ask you to hand over the fragment cut by surgeons from my spine to French President Emmanuel Macron. And also tell him that no one will escape responsibility for the war crimes of France, the US, Britain, Germany and other NATO countries in the Donbass. All our victims are on your conscience, as well as the appearance of fascist Ukraine on the map of Europe is also on your conscience.

Accept, Mr. Ambassador, the assurances of my respect for your diplomatic status, but I am afraid that your mission has completely failed.

The French foreign ministry had no comment on the letter and returned the shell fragment.

Rogozin vowed to return to the frontline as soon as his injuries allowed.

NATO aggression - Libya

See also: Libyan war and Obama war crimes
Architects of the humanitarian catastrophe in Libya - Samantha Power (top) Susan Rice (left) and Hillary Clinton (right). President Obama initially billed US intervention "to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe," however after Gaddafi's murder the Black-African slave trade re-emerged in open slave markets in Libya.[4] NATO was used to give cover for the Obama administration's direct involvement.

In 2011 NATO lent its name to Western globalists to wage a war of aggression in Libya totally outside NATO's purview and mission.[5] As a direct consequence of NATO's illegal intervention, the black African slave trade was reborn in Africa.[6]

UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1973 of March 17, 2011 followed on the heels of Gaddafi's public threat on March 2, 2011 to throw western oil companies out of Libya, and his invitation on March 14 to Chinese, Russian, and Indian firms to produce Libyan oil in their place.[7] China, Russia, India and Brazil all abstained on UNSC Resolution 1973.

Resolution 1973 authorized strict limitations, according to international law, on NATO as the organization with responsibility for the implementation of the resolution. Particularly, it provided only for a naval blockade enforcing the arms embargo, and enforcement of a no-fly zone. On March 29, 2011, Russian envoy Dmitry Rogozin commented after a meeting with NATO officials in Brussels, Belgium, that Russia expressed deep concern over the interpretation of the Security Council's resolution, as some countries have effectively turned it into an approval for ground operations.

Moscow has many questions about how the UN Security Council’s resolution is being carried out...First of all, there are reports that civilians have been killed in the air strikes. This is odd if you consider the message of the resolution, which says that the foreign forces’ actions should protect civilians. So it’s hard to comprehend how you can protect civilians by killing them....we demanded that the UN Security Council be fully informed about the actions of the alliance in Libya at all times... We have reports of air strikes against convoys far from the front line. This is a far cry from the UN Security Council resolution.[8]

The French and the British described plans for a wargames exercise for an attack on Libya in November 2010, in the end they used those military assets that had been mobilized for the real thing 3 months ago. NATO doesn't just go and bomb a country over night, these things are planned far in advance, and in this case there is conclusive evidence that there have been plans for this for many many years.[9]