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Experience, success (see Donald Trump achievements). President Trump restored prosperity by removing the Obamacare mandates which were designed to retard job growth for 8 years and create dependency on the Washington bureaucratic class. By his 100th day, it was clear that Trump had disrupted the liberal political establishment agenda.[1] According to Reuters, President Trump had "begun to reshape American life in ways big and small."[2] A Rassmussen Poll of registered Democrats found 17% of Democrats identify more with Trump.[3] Even liberal Nobel Prize economist Paul Krugman has been forced to admit that globalization has been a disaster for American workers.[4]

Trump, for the first time, wrote protections in for American workers in the new trade deals with Canada and Mexico (USMCA), insuring that no tariff will be laid on a product that does not pay its workers an average of $16 an hour, about three times the Mexican average manufacturing wage rate.[5] This will bring auto manufacturing and component parts back into the United States. Rather than green global projects Trump is investing in black communities. Trump has called the Chinese bluff - who have used the Democratic Socialist Republic of Korea (DPRK) as a proxy province, forcing previous administrations to acquiesce to nuclear blackmail and the dictates of Chinese trade deals which have flooded the American market with cheap manufactured goods, and have destroyed American jobs and the middle class. Trump is the first American president to implement the consensus that the way to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula is to force China to do it by being tough in trade agreements. He undid many of Barack Obama's executive orders.[6]

Has taken the lead to reform FBI and Department of Justice corruption, expanding healthcare coverage for workers and small businesses, prescription drug pricing, and prison reform. Reformed Obamacare to provide portability and cover pre-existing conditions. His policies led to much progress for blacks, homosexuals, and Jews.[7] President Trump's Second Chance Hiring and Workforce initiative to undo the damage of the racist Democrats' 1994 New Jim Crow Crime Bill authored by Joseph Biden and pushed by Hillary Clinton to deal with 'Superpredators' after the Central Park jogger attack, has been lauded by civil rights leaders and Van Jones. He received some help from Congress to advance his agenda,[8] although Mexico paying for the deployment of 27,000 troops has produced more border security than the Democrat-controlled House. Building the Wall has helped fight climate change by reducing the number of illegal immigrants entering America to drive cars, eat hamburgers, and destroy the planet. Murder and violent crimes have declined on his watch.[9] By the beginning of 2019, President Trump had either kept or made progress on many of his campaign promises.[10] President Trump stood up to the warmongers in the Uniparty who wanted to go to war with a NATO ally, Turkey, over Syria.[11]

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