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Endorsements could decide the outcome of the Presidential Election 2012, especially in the Republican primary. Here are the likely big endorsements in December 2011 through March 2012 (overlooked in this list was Michael Reagan, the conservative son of Ronald Reagan who endorsed and is campaigning for Newt Gingrich)

(max. 10)
Endorser Conservapedia Prediction Predicted Timing Actual Endorsement Analysis
10 John McCain Newt Gingrich Between Iowa and NH primaries Mitt Romney[1] Conservapedia predicted the timing correctly, and presumably Gingrich's poor showing in the Iowa Caucuses caused McCain, in a surprise, to back Romney. The press conference itself was a disaster, however; McCain does not excite or charm the faithful anymore. He would likely become Romney's Secretary of Defense and dictate his foreign policy. Mitt Romney did worse than polling indicated in New Hampshire after McCain endorsed him.
9 Sarah Palin Newt Gingrich Between NH and SC primaries On Jan. 17, between the NH and SC primaries, Sarah declared on national television, "I'd vote for Newt" in the SC primary.[2] Subsequently, in her own Alaska primary, she then personally voted for Newt.[3] The endorsement of Newt by Todd Palin just before the NH primary signaled that Sarah would endorse Newt soon after the NH primary, thereby negating Mitt's victory. Sarah Palin stated that SC voters should consider voting for Gingrich in the primary in order to "keep this thing [GOP primaries] going."[4]
8 Mike Huckabee Newt Gingrich Before Iowa primary Chuck Norris, Huckabee's biggest supporter in 2008, endorsed Newt Gingrich in January The Fox News Channel probably wants Huck to endorse Romney now that his choice for Secretary of State will likely be the neocon John McCain
7 Rick Perry Newt Gingrich After SC primary Newt Gingrich Two days before the SC primary, Rick Perry dropped out and endorsed Gingrich[5]—so Conservapedia's prediction here was perfect in result and off by only three days as to when.
6 Rick Santorum Mitt Romney Between Iowa and NH primaries Abruptly quit his campaign on April 10 and offered to help Romney; will endorse Romney as soon as the dismay by his supporters abates See Mystery:Why Did Santorum Quit? As noted before, as long as Santorum draws more voters away from Romney's more conservative competitors than from Romney himself, Santorum will stay in the race and delay his endorsement, but that polling probably shifted in early April.
5 Chris Christie Mitt Romney prediction already made and confirmed Mitt Romney Christie would probably resign as governor of NJ and become Attorney General in a Romney Administration, so that Christie does not have to defend his RINO policies in reelection. This would enable his pro-choice lieutenant governor, whom he selected, to replace him as governor.
4 National Right to Life Committee Newt Gingrich in December Mitt Romney, on April 12[6] Trent Franks, a leading pro-life congressman, endorsed Newt on Jan. 13.
3 Donald Trump Newt Gingrich between Iowa and NH primaries Mitt Romney on February 2, 2012[7] Trump subsequently left the Republican Party, but his support of Romney means that he will not be running a campaign as an independent.
2 Herman Cain Newt Gingrich before Iowa Caucuses Herman endorsed Newt on Jan. 28, only 26 days after the time predicted by Conservapedia. Cain was reportedly ready to endorse Gingrich in December, as Conservapedia predicted, but bad press about Cain probably caused Gingrich to place that on hold for lack of a positive effect. From January 16 through 27 the media reported that Cain would not endorse any candidate during the GOP primaries.[8]
1 J.D. Hayworth (no prediction made) Newt Gingrich
1 Michael Reagan (no prediction made) Newt Gingrich
1 Lindsey Graham Newt Gingrich Before South Carolina Primaries No firm endorsement, but did come out and say that Gingrich was "electable" [9]
Useless Value (max. 10) Endorser Endorsement Why it is useless
10 Iowa Des Moines Register Mitt Romney The newspaper supported same-sex marriage
9 Jon Huntsman Mitt Romney Many wondered why this ambassador for the Obama Administration was running for the Republican nomination.
8 John Bolton Mitt Romney No impact on the essential issue of domestic policy and may not even help on issues of foreign policy except to the extent Bolton has been critical of the United Nations

Not likely to endorse until winner is clear

Non-Endorser Reason explained by Conservapedia Result
Jeb Bush Jeb hopes to be selected at the convention if no candidate wins a majority, and thus wants to remain on good terms with all candidates. Endorsed Mitt Romney on 21 March.
Jim DeMint DeMint would rather build support across the conservative movement without picking sides.

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