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Logo which appears near the top of the Freedom From Atheism Foundation's Facebook and Twitter pages.[1]

The Freedom From Atheism Foundation (FFAF) was founded in 2012 as a response to the rising intolerant atheism throughout the world. Ever more atheists are becoming militant, cruelly and hatefully disparaging people of faith, while intolerant atheist organizations work tirelessly to restrict religious freedom and promote empty atheism. Additionally, militant state atheism continues to persecute religious believers with little to no media coverage to inform the public of the continuing horrors. No organization existed to address these issues until now.

The FFAF is very active on Twitter and Facebook, with reach of the page having grown twentyonefold throughout 2014.

In terms of leaders, the FFAF is run by Jim Ryan and Jonathan Gill, with supporters being from a variety of worldviews such as: Christianity; Islam; Hinduism; Buddhism and spiritual, but not religious. As far as Christianity, the FFAF is supported by a number of individuals from a variety of Christian denominations.[2]

Freedom From Atheism Foundation Facebook following

The Freedom From Atheism Foundation Facebook page now has over 725,000 Facebook likes. This is 200,000+ more than the page set up by the Freedom From Religion Foundation which has been going for many more years.[3] This shows the growing success of the page in highlighting the militancy and foolishness of atheism.

October 2, 2021 Facebook post of the Freedom from Atheism Foundation

An October 2, 2021 Facebook post of the Facebook page of the Freedom From Atheism Foundation.

As can be seen above, as of October 11, 2021, the post has reached 41,975 Facebook users.

Christian Post interview of a Freedom From Atheism Foundation leader

Leaders of the Freedom From Atheism Foundation were interviewed by The Christian Post.[2] In the interview a FFAF leader indicated:

In the nominally or officially Christian states of the Western World, atheistic organizations have begun a quest to remove religion from the public sphere, despite the fact that it is an integral part of the foundation of these nations. Since the Cult of Reason in the French Revolution, organized movements of atheism have persecuted those who do not share their vision of a godless world. We at FFAF are a response to the intolerance exhibited by militant atheists, historically and in the present.

We're now taking screenshots of intolerant and hate filled atheists who contact us and posting them on our website to raise public awareness of the issue. All of the quotes I'm going to share with you can be found on our Facebook page, Freedom From Atheism Foundation. Here are a few examples: One atheist contacted us saying "Wow you guys are literally so (expletive) stupid you should really consider killing yourselves." The atheist merchandise corporation Evolve Fish responded to a pastor of a Church being murdered during Church service by stating "It sure would be nice if more church services ended like this one." One atheist created a Facebook group called Virgin Mary Should've Aborted. Another atheist who contacted us said "American Christians should be labeled a hate group." The atheist Facebook group Exposing the Insanity of the Religious Right said "I wish we could torch the churches." Another atheist contacted us stating "Holy (expletive expletive), you are all retarded and need to be executed." This is but a small sample of the rising atheist hate towards religious believers in America.

FFAF allows you to share your experiences with others on our official Facebook page, the Freedom From Atheism Foundation. In addition, our official website includes a list of prominent organizations that provide free legal support for members of all faiths who have experienced harassment by militant atheists. Some of these organizations include The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, European Centre for Law and Justice, and the Alliance Defending Freedom.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from people all over the world and from pretty much every religious background.[4]

Red Pill Religion Interview with Freedom From Atheism Foundation

In July 2018, Max Kolbe of the Red Pill Religion group interviewed Dr. James Ryan, PhD, a molecular biologist and former atheist who is a leader of the Freedom From Atheism Foundation (FFAF).[5] In the interview, Kolbe and Ryan discussed the establishment of the organization, as well as its success.[5] The dialogue also addressed serious issues in the atheist community, including atheist bullying, atheist violence, atheist factions, and atheist arrogance, as well as the feeling of a lack of purpose among the godless.[5]

Militant atheist Hemant Mehta issues apology to FFAF

Hemant Mehta apologized after he posted an erroneous video containing slander against the Freedom From Atheism Foundation.[6]

Militant atheist Hemant Mehta issued an apology to the Freedom From Atheism Foundation (FFAF) after he learned that a video made by atheist apologist Philip Rose that he posted, was fabricated and libelous.[6] Acknowledging that he failed to factcheck the video before posting it and also debunking Rose's slander, he stated:[6]

The main charge in the video is that FFAF claims to have the support of several legal organizations, yet when the video’s creator Philip Rose contacted those groups, they were unaware that they supported such a group. Hell, they weren’t even aware of FFAF’s existence. I never bothered to look at the page for myself… until after I made my post. When I saw it, I realized FFAF never actually says those legal groups support them; they’re merely linking to them as resources: By Rose’s logic, having a blogroll means every website you link to endorses what you do… which would be crazy to suggest. FFAF isn’t doing anything wrong here. It doesn’t need the approval of those groups to link to them. I also referred to the group as “Christian trolls.” I still believe they’re trolls, in a sense, trying to stir up shit when there’s nothing there at all… but it turns out they’re not all Christians. In fact, their admins include a Muslim and a Buddhist.[6]

Atheist activist PZ Myers and the FFAF

Atheist activist PZ Myers issued a statement on May 9, 2014 called "I support the Freedom From Atheism Foundation".[7] In this statement, Myers stated "I am happy to agree that atheism should be kept out of the public square, if religion is also excluded. There’s this principle called secularism that I think is a good idea, and the only way to accommodate a religiously diverse community."[7]

FFAF does not hold the position that religion should be excluded from the public square. It does oppose state atheism.

PZ Myers voiced agreement with the Freedom From Atheism Foundation on the role of atheism in the public square.[7]

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