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Deputy Ukrainian Interior Minister and Advisor to President Zelensky Anton Gerashchenko, curator of the Myrotvorets website.[1]

Myrotvorets (English: Peacemaker), commonly known as the Ukrainian Nazi kill list or simply Ukraine kill list is an online database of what its owner declares as “enemies of Ukraine,” containing personal doxxing information and addresses. The website's mainpage lists Langley, Virginia, home of the CIA, and Warsaw, Poland as its official home. Journalists who depart from the CIA and Kyiv party line are added to the list. Anyone captured in Ukraine whose name appears in the websites online searchable database can be executed on the spot.[2] The “Peacemaker" kill list has nearly 200,000 names, including 300 children[3] and Americans, threatening them with extrajudicial killings. There are at least 4,000 journalists and reporters on the list. The blacklist is affiliated with the Ukrainian government and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and was founded by Anton Gerashchenko, as of 2022 an advisor to the Zelensky regime's Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs.[4] Reports indicate the server hosting Myrotvorets are located in Brussels, Belgium and owned by NATO.[5] Multiple people have been killed soon after their names were added to the list.[6] Hunting down opposition supporters in allegedly "democratic" Ukraine, as leaders in NATO countries refer to it, in order to beat, humiliate, and even kill opponents is what Ukrainian radicals call “political safari.”

As of April 2022, eleven mayors from various towns in Ukraine were disappeared. Western media outlets followed the Kyiv regime line without exception. The SBU has even hunted opposition figures outside the country's borders. As of September 2022 there were 327 children in the kill list.

Independent journalist David Miller says of the Mayrotvorets site,

The issue of Nazism in Ukraine will be seen in retrospect as a defining issue of our era and it is important to remember that the reason I and many others are threatened by the Ukraine government and their NATO backers is because we in turn threaten to expose them for what they are: Nazi collaborators.
As it turns out, the covert “kill list” website is a product of the Ukraine regime, effectively funded by the CIA (amongst others) and is hosted by NATO. One extraordinary thing is that many American citizens, including ex-military and intelligence operatives, are included, as well as a significant number of citizens of NATO member countries. Perhaps the most remarkable element is that NATO has hosted the site (and a collection of affiliated websites) on its servers in Brussels. At the same time as NATO think tank the Atlantic Council boasts that Henry Kissinger is on its Board of Directors, NATO also hosts a kill list website on which Kissinger appears."[7]


Human rights violations

The Myrotovets ("Peacemaker") website, a kill list authorizing on the spot execution of journalists and anyone deemed a "Russian sympathizer", shows Langley, Virgina home of the CIA as its headquarters.[8]

Myrotvorets is recognized by the courts of Ukraine when making decisions, according to rights group Uspishna Varta. The data collected on the website is used in court decisions at all stages - from the beginning of the pre-trial investigation to the conviction of the person, and in numerous rulings, judges accept information from the "Myrotvorets" as material evidence. The accused are denied the right to face their accusers in court. Anyone can upload "evidence". The use of the website applies not only to criminal cases, but also to civil legal relations and factfinding acts.[9]

The website is regularly consulted at official Ukrainian government and military checkpoints to integrate government information systems. The site has been used in the arrest of thousands of people since its launch.[10]

On May 24, 2016, the committee to Protect Journalists wrote an open letter to then Ukrainian dictator Petro Poroshenko urging him to "condemn the unfounded and damaging allegations published on Myrotvorets, and to clarify publicly that the Ukrainian Interior Ministry is dedicated to protecting journalists and apprehending the people responsible for threatening them, in contrast to Interior Minister Avakov's previous statements".[11]

On June 2, 2016, G7 ambassadors to Kiev released a joint statement expressing deep concern about disclosures of journalists' personal data on the Myrotvorets website and called on the Myrotvorets team to withdraw personal data from public access.[12] In 2017 Myrotvorets had a criminal case opened against it by the Ukrainian National Police, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) urged Kiev regime to investigate the website's operations.[13][14]

European Parliament members

See also: European Parliament

Clare Daly

Manuel Pineda

Roman Catholics

Pope Francis I

Pope Francis on Ukrainian Nazi kill list.jpg

Roman Catholic Pontiff Pope Francis I was added to the Ukrainian Nazi kill list in late August 2023.[15] Speaking to the 10th All-Russian Catholic Youth Assembly in a video address in late August 2023 Pope Francis said

“Never forget your heritage...You are the descendants of great Russia: the great Russia of saints, rulers, the great Russia of Peter I, Catherine II, that empire – educated, great culture and great humanity...Never give up on this heritage...You are descendants of the great Mother Russia, step forward with it...And thank you – thank you for your way of being, for your way of being Russian”.

Advisor to the fascist regime of Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky, Mykhailo Podoliak blasted the speech as "imperialist propaganda", CNN reported.[16] Days later, Pope Francis was added to the official Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior's Myrotvorets, or "Nazi kill list",[17] a joint effort with NATO and the U.S. taxpayer funded CIA.[18]


Darya Dugina

Journalist and political scientist Darya Dugina was assassinated in Moscow on August 20, 2022.[19] Dugina is the daughter of the Russian political scientist and philosopher Alexander Dugin.

Darya's killer was identified as Natalia Pavlovna Vovk, a Ukrainian citizen and member of the Azov Regiment.[20][21] The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the Federal Security Service (or counterintelligence service) established the SBU as responsible for the killing.[22]

Darya Dugina marked as "Liquidated" on the Myrotvorets website.

On August 21, 2022, the day after the killing, Ukrainian Ambassador to Kazakhstan Petro Vrublevskyi explained to an interviewer "We are trying to kill as many of them [Russians] as possible. The more Russians we kill now, the fewer our children will have to kill," according to Yahoo News.[23]

Dugina visited Azovstal after the siege ended in May 2022 and reported on social media on the Nazi paraphernalia and books discovered in the Azov Nazis' bunker and living quarters. She was placed on Western sanctions lists shortly thereafter. Dugina issued a public statement in response:

"I am honored to be in the same boat as my father. The fact that we are under sanctions from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom is a symbol that we, the Dugins, are on the path of truth in the fight against globalism.

For eight years in Ukraine, Russophobia was cultivated by various programmes, and history was rewritten, up to the physical massacre of Russians, in those eight terrible years for Donbass, with daily shelling."[24]

Pope Francis remarked that Darya Dugina was “innocent,” the Vatican ambassador was summoned to the Kyiv foreign ministry to receive the regime's protest.[25] On October 6, 2022, the New York Times reported that U.S. intelligence believes the Zelensky regime carried out the murderous terrorist attack in the Russian capital with aid provided by U.S. taxpayers.[26]

Dmitry Polyanskiy

Amb. Dmitry Polyanskiy, First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations was added to the kill list in 2018.[27]

Maria Zakharova

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, i.e. a woman by birth, Maria Zakharova was added to the kill list.

Yulia Chicherina

On January 2, 2015, singer/songwriter Yulia Chicherina gave a free New Year's concert in Luhansk, where she performed both her old songs and new ones from her latest album A Tale of Wandering, finding Happiness and Saving the World. The concert was held as part of a charity event. After the performance Chicherina and others were put on the wanted list of the Security Service of Ukraine.[28] The singer faces a five-year prison term "for encroaching on the integrity of the state". On January 4, 2015, Chicherina published her response to the SBU on her website:[29]

"Hatred and anger are completely destructive feelings, which can only be stopped by awareness and love, this requires a powerful effort of will, if nothing is done about it, hatred only thickens and grows, it changes people at the genetic level, for generations to come. I have deep compassion for the people, whose temporary authorities put them on the wanted list for a couple of songs for their own children and turn a blind eye to their bloody mistakes against their own people. I wish you to be more self-critical and less emotional, because millions of people are in your hands."

Kerch Strait bridge

A list of Russian workers involved in the construction of the Kerch bridge. The bridge is an infrastructure project that connects the Crimean Peninsula to Rostov.[30]


Sen. Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard both appear on the Ukrainian regime's kill list.[31]

Sen. Rand Paul has been placed on a Ukrainian kill list for representing his constituents, free speech, and allegedly promoting “Russian propaganda”. The Ukraine Center for Countering Disinformation listed Sen. Paul among a group of politicians, academics and activists that it deems "Enemies of Ukraine". “While I have repeatedly said my sympathies lie with Ukraine, my loyalty is to the United States,” Paul said in a statement. “My oath of office obligates me to defend the United States and that includes defending our country from incurring massive new debt no matter how worthy the cause.”

In April 2022, Sen. Paul accused socialist premier Joe Biden of provoking Russia to invade Ukraine by floating the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO. Both Biden and NATO warlord Jens Stoltenberg had admitted that they never really intended to allow Ukraine to join NATO.[32][33][34][35]

In May 2022, Sen. Paul delayed a US Senate vote on a $40 billion supposed "Ukraine aid" package, insisting that an inspector general to oversee the spending be included in the authorization.[36] Paul was one of 11 Senate Republicans to vote against the funding.

Sen. Paul responded with a tweet to an NPR official state media report, questioning the massive aid package to Ukraine, given Ukraine's history of corruption. “We shouldn’t be spending the $,” Paul tweeted last week. “If Congress did approve it, a meticulous investigator would need to oversee your $ being spent in Ukraine at a time when Americans can’t even afford gas or groceries.”

Tulsi Gabbard

Speaking on the Tucker Carlson show, former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard warned:

The question for the American people is, Are we willing to go to war with Russia on behalf of Ukraine? We need to understand that such a war would come at a cost beyond anything that we can really imagine. This is something that will directly impact every single one of your viewers and all of our loved ones. This is a war that is not a game. It's a war in which there are no winners. Russia has thousands of nuclear weapons aimed towards us that could hit any town or city in America in less than 30 minutes and exact a cost upon every one of us that would result in excruciating death and suffering beyond comprehension. Hundreds of millions of people dying and suffering, seeing their flesh being burned from their bones. This is something you know you can't really even imagine. And it's a cost that we will all pay.

Why in the world would we ever contemplate going to war with Russia? Honestly, it is one that we should not do for those very reasons. If you look at the impacts of what a nuclear war brings it, really brings about the end of the world as we know it. And our leaders should understand this consequence and take it seriously. And this is why President Biden, instead of continuing to escalate tensions and continuing this new Cold War between the United States and Russia, he needs to de-escalate these tensions and actually focus on bringing an end to this new Cold War because if he doesn't, then it's not a question of if we go to war with Russia if this war ends up with a nuclear holocaust, it really is then just a question of when. And if we continue down this path that we are on it's something that could happen a lot sooner than any of us think.

For speaking out against Biden regime policy and war with Russia, Gabbard was place on the Ukrainian Nazi kill list.

Donald J. Trump

In 2017, after Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election, Anton Gerashchenko announced his intention to add the name of the new US leader to the "purgatory" database. In 2018, the media reported that President Trump called Crimea Russian, since its inhabitants speak Russian. According to journalists, Trump wondered why the West is on the side of Ukraine, one of the most corrupt states in the world.

This gave grounds for Anton Gerashchenko to include Trump's personal data on the Peacemaker website in the list of pro-Russian "terrorists" who threaten the territorial integrity of Ukraine.[37]

Tucker Carlson

For his criticism of the NATO war in Ukraine conservative commentator Tucker Carlson was added to the official neo-Nazi kill list.[38][39]

Henry Kissinger

On May 27, 2022, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was added to the kill list after Kissinger, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, suggested that fully antagonizing Russia threatens stability in Europe.[40] Kissinger is accused of being an "accomplice to the crimes of Russian authorities against Ukraine and its citizens."[41] As of 2022, Kissinger was 99 years old.

Prof. John Mearsheimer

Prof. John Mearsheimer is an American political scientist and international relations scholar who teaches at the University of Chicago. In 2014 Prof. Mearsheimer published an article in Foreign Affairs magazine entitled, Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault - The Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin.[42] Russiagate hoaxer and former editorial board member the of The Washington Post Anne Applebaum,[43] who is also married to the notorious Russophobic Polish Minister of Defense Radosław Sikorski,[44][45][46][47][48] accused the Russian Foreign Ministry of getting their alleged "propaganda" from Prof. Mearsheimer.[49]

Mearsheimer is on the Langley, Virginia-based Ukraine Nazi kill list.[50]

Jeffrey Sachs

Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General Jeffrey Sachs is on the kill list.

Edward Luttwak

Gonzalo Lira

Main article: Gonzalo Lira

During the start of the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine in 2022, Chilean/American independent journalist and film maker Gonzalo Lira was in the Kyiv from where he expressed his assessment of what was happening on his YouTube channel. In particular, he said that, "although Ukraine may win the propaganda war, Russia wins the real war by capturing territory. Already 15% of Ukraine's territory is under the control of the Russian army." This video was shown on a Russian television program of the Piervy Kanal channel without his authorization, which drew attention to him in nationalist circles in Kiev. A reward for his life was announced and death threats began to be received. Gonzalo Lira sought to return to Kharkiv with his family, which he achieved after being expelled from the Royal Grand hotel. He was critical of the government of Volodoymr Zelensky and the oligarch Íhor Kolomoiski.[51][52][53]

After posting on March 26 a list of prominent people disappeared or murdered by the Zelensky regime,[54] Gonzalo Lira himself was disappeared from Kharkov.[55]

Lira stated in a YouTube Live broadcast on March 26, 2022.

"If ever you don't hear from me for 12 hours during this conflict, if it's 12 hours or more, assume that I've been picked up by the SBU. And assume that the people most responsible are the Daily Beast, the Daily Beast who deliberately lied about me, claiming that I'm not in Kharkov, admitted to the fact that people are looking for me and want to get a hold of me in the very hit piece that they wrote, and that they contacted the Ukrainian government to make them aware that I'm in Kharkov, make them aware of my significance, make them aware so they can send some SBU goons to get me. Understand what the Daily Beast has done. And when I said, you know, in the in the title of this that the Daily Beast wants to kill me, I'm not being hyperbolic."[56][57][58]

On April 17, 2022, George Galloway, former parliamentarian of the Great Britain Labor Party, announced on his television program MOATS that an interview with Gonzalo Lira scheduled for that audition could not be carried out due to his alleged disappearance in Ukraine. Friends and relatives of Lira confirmed that they had lost contact with him since April 15, a disappearance confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile. Lira last wrote time on his Twitter account on April 15.

On April 22, 2022, Gonzalo appeared on a live on The Duran, confirming he is alive, doesn't have access to his social media and he was arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine. Lira was re-arrested in May 2023.[59]

After being rearrested in 2023 and released on bail, Lira was disappeared shortly thereafter by the SBU.

Jimmy Dore

American comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore was added to the Ukraine kill list in May 2023.[60]

Oliver Stone

American filmmaker Oliver Stone appears on the Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) kill list.

Stone was executive producer for Ukrainian-born director Igor Lopatonok's documentary film Ukraine on Fire.[61] The film showed the historic background of divisions in the region; Stone interviewed President Victor Yanukovych who was ousted in the U.S.-backed coup, and Russian President Vladimir Putin about the U.S.-backed Maidan coup. Narratives by the late investigative journalist Robert Parry exposed the rise of US-funded NGOs with grants from the National Endowment for Democracy active in the area.[62]

Stone's series of interviews with President Putin over the span of two years was released as The Putin Interviews, a four-night television event on Showtime on June 12, 2017.[63] On June 13, Stone and Russian expert Professor Stephen F. Cohen joined John Batchelor in New York to record an hour of commentary on The Putin Interviews.

Steven Seagal

American movie actor Steven Seagal is on the kill list.

Jack Posobiec

Reporter Jack Posobiec was added to the kill list in September 2023.[64]

Col. Douglas MacGregor

U.S. Col. Doug MacGregor.[65]

United States Col. Douglas MacGreger, PhD was commissioned in the Regular Army in 1976 after 1 year at Virginia Military Institute and 4 years at West Point. President Donald Trump appointed Macgregor to serve as Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, a post he held until 2021. He is the former Chief of Strategic Planning and Director of the Joint Operations Center at Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe. He holds an MA in comparative politics and a PhD in international relations from the University of Virginia. He is fluent in German.[66]

Col. Macgregor is widely known inside the U.S., Europe, Israel, Russia, China and Korea for both his leadership and his 5 books. Macgregor's recommendations for change in Force Design and “integrated all arms-all effects” operations have profoundly influenced force development around the world. His fifth book, Margin of Victory: Five Battles that Changed the Face of Modern War from Naval Institute Press is available in English and Hebrew and was also translated into Chinese.[67]

Macgregor has testified as an expert witness before the Senate and House Armed Services Committees and appeared as a defense analyst on Fox News, CNN, BBC, Sky News and public radio.

In 2022 MacGregor was added to the Biden regime-backed Ukrainian kill list.

Scott Ritter

Former United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter is on the Ukrainian kill list. Ritter is a former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD.

Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern, former CIA daily intelligence briefer for President Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1985 and founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS). McGovern is a regular contributor to Consortium News.

John Mark Dougan

John Mark Dougan

Documentary film maker John Mark Duggan living in Moscow appears on the kill list.[68] John Mark Duggan is a former United States Marine and former Deputy Sheriff in Florida who was forced to seek political asylum in Russia after exposing corruption in the Palm Beach, Florida sheriff's department, prosecutor's office, the Obama FBI, DOJ, and Department of Homeland Security.[69]

Dougan had undercover videotaped recordings of Palm Beach police officials and prosecutors refusing to prosecute the families of drug traffickers in the Palm Beach police and prosecutors office. The corrupt Obama Justice Department threatened to prosecute Dougan for recording the government officials without their consent. He was charged with 95 counts, and faced 95 years in prison. Dougan was granted political asylum in Russia.

Living in Moscow, Dougan has built a career as a documentary film maker and investigative reporter.

Patrick Lancaster

American reporter Patrick Lancaster appears on the SBU's kill list.[70] Lancaster is an ex-Navy SEAL who has lived in Donetsk since 2014 covering the Donbas war and the Armenia-Azerbaijan war in Nagorno-Karabakh. He is married with two children.

Lancaster was an art student in Italy in 2010 when he met his wife, originally from Donbas. The couple have 2 children and lived in Donetsk upto 2022, when they were forced to flee the city because of the indiscriminate shelling of civilians by the Kyiv regime and its NATO backers.

Brian Berletic

Brian Berletic, an American military analyst living in Thailand, is on the kill list.

Glenn Greenwald

American journalist living in Brazil Glenn Greenwald appears on the kill list.

Aaron Mate

Aaron Mate of The Grayzone is on the list.[71] Myrotvorets uses links to a Telegram channel which in Mate's name , which is not even Mate, as "evidence" of him being an "enemy of Ukraine".

Anya Parampil

Anya Parampil of the Grayzone is on the list.

Wyatt Reed

Wyatt Reed is an American journalist who survived Zelensky's bombing of a hotel in Kherson.[72][73][74]

Doug Bandow

Doug Bandow of the Cato Institute was added to the list.

Randy Credico

Journalist Randy Credico, who led the Free Julian Assange movement, is on the list.[75]

Diane Sare

Diane Sare is an Independent candidate who ran against Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer in the 2022 Midterm elections. Sare was added to the kill list for raising the alarm about the threat of nuclear war.

Jackson Hinkle

YouTube personality Jackson Hinkle was placed on the kill list in February 2023.[76]

In September 2023 Hinkle, who has 300,000 YouTube followers and has been completely demonetized, revealed “YouTube has suspended me for 7 days for visiting the memorial of Wagner’s Yevgeny Prigozhin while in Moscow",[77] and warned:

"I guess Tucker Carlson has got a point when he says, 'I'm willing to bet my house that Joe Biden is going to start World War III with Russia”, because look what they've done. These people are insane. They are completely Russophobic and beating the drums of war to go to war with China. The level of communication breakdown is so severe compared to the Cold War. I got to meet the guy that actually developed the telephone, they had the red hotline telephone between the US and the USSR during the Cold War. And he told me, 'There's nothing like that right now in the White House. There's no communication whatsoever'.[78]

British persons

Graham Phillips

Actual wording of UK regulation.

UK journalist Graham Phillips appears on the Maidan regime's kill list.[79][80] Phillips has reported from Donbas since 2014. Phillips was personally added to UK's Russia sanctions list by former UK foreign secretary Liz Truss in 2022.[81] Graham's “crime” was that he dared to disagree with the official narrative: for pages and pages the UK officials denounce Graham for daring to call the Ukronazis “Nazis”. He is also guilty of “obfuscating” the false flag massacre in Bucha. All of which makes him a “involved person”. Excerpt from the sanctions document:

Summary: "Guardian article which offers a profile on Graham PHILLIPS. It notes that PHILLIPS has claimed that ‘Ukraine is run by Nazis and the massacre of Ukrainians in Bucha was staged’. The Guardian is a highly credible source."

Andrei Martyanov commented:[82]

"Graham said that the Nazis in Kiev are Nazis and Bucha was staged. And The Guardian is a “highly credible source”. This is the trick which all the western Gestapos have been running for a while now: “leak” to a 100% loyal and Gestapo controlled “highly credible source”, any modern version of the Völkischer Beobachter will do, then build a case against any person daring to challenge the official narrative by, you guessed it, referencing the “credible article” in the “highly credible” Völkischer Beobachter, and then call it all “open source intelligence” (OSINT) and all the sheep reading the said Völkischer Beobachter will jointly bleat “crucify him! crucify him!” or whatever the lynching slogan of the day might be.

Just read the full thing, it is quite worth it. Orwell would have been absolutely fascinated to see that the UK has fully adopted his 1984 model and is now openly persecuting people for their ideas and for daring to speak their minds.


Truth be told, the UK is definitely the worst and most Orwellian state in the West (I am not even counting the 3B+PU clowns as part of the “West” here). Things are marginally better in the other EU countries and even in the United States which, at least on paper, still have the Bill of Rights. That being said, all you need to do to bypass and totally ignore the Bill of Rights in the USA use the expression “national security” and, voilà, you can kidnap, torture, disappear, and basically do anything to anybody, including US citizens. So while the UK is the worst, it is also the model towards which all of the West follows (and I won’t even mention what the UK will be like with that absolute ignorant imbecile Liz Truss in charge!).

Thank God, Graham Philips is safe for as long as he stays in Russian controlled territories, just like Snowden. But this does not change the fact that in the UK they want to make him an “unperson“.

Of course, I could conclude here by quoting Martin Niemöller’s famous “first they came…” but I prefer to conclude with another one of my absolutely favorite aphorisms, this one by Yehuda Bauer: “Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. And above all, Thou shalt not be a bystander." So, please, if you can, especially if you are in the UK, speak up on defense of Graham Phillips and do not allow the British ruling class hide behind your silence when crushing those who dare to speak the truth!

Keir Simmons put on the kill list after reporting the truth.[83]

Mike Jones

Mike Jones is a citizen of the UK living in St. Petersburg who also goes by the moniker iEarlGrey. Jones was added to the list in April 2023.[84]

Keir Simmons

On 28 February 2023 NBC News published a report by Keir Simmons from Sevastopol, Crimea. Simmons said he travelled to Crimea by train from Moscow on the Kerch Bridge.[85] Visiting Crimea from Russia is illegal the Zelensky dictatorship. .[86][87] In response to the visit, Simmons was added to the kill list of 'Enemies of Ukraine'.[88]

Roger Waters

Roger Waters, co-founder of the rock band Pink Floyd was added to the list in August 2022.[89] In February 2023 Waters told an RT interviewer that Russia was responding to NATO provocations: "This war is basically about the action and reaction of NATO pushing right up to the Russian border – which they promised they wouldn’t do when Gorbachev negotiated the withdrawal of the U.S.S.R. from the whole of Eastern Europe."[90][91] In another interview, Waters said the invasion of Ukraine was "probably the most provoked invasion ever" and refused to "see Russia from the current Russo-phobic perspective".[92]

On September 5, 2022, the day after Olena Zelenska, wife of Ukrainian dictator Vladimir Zelensky, appeared on the UK controlled media outlet BBC, Waters published an open letter to her. He argued that the West should not support Ukraine with weapons, and that the West, led by the US, was interested in prolonging the war. He urged her husband to end the war based on the Minsk agreements.[93] Waters's concerts in Poland were cancelled following the comments.[94]

In February 2023 Waters addressed the United Nations Security Council. He said the incursion was not "unprovoked" and he "condemned the provocateurs in the strongest possible terms".[95]


Eva K Bartlett

Eva K Bartlett is an independent journalist born in Michigan and raised in Canada. Bartlett had been reporting on the kill list since 2019, when her name was added. Bartlett said in September 2022, "It’s absolutely appalling that a database like this exists, openly calling for the murders of people like myself, yourselves, 327 children, simply because we are speaking about Ukraine’s war crimes and we’re speaking about the corruption within Ukraine. This list presents a very real threat to Ukrainians themselves, not only to journalists and to people who are speaking out, but to Ukrainians within Ukraine proper. Many of these Ukrainians have already been disappeared or killed."[96] Bartlett said she feels safer living in Russia than her homeland where she would receive no protection from the government against Ukrainian neo-Nazis.[97]

Bartlett alerted Elon Musk via Twitter to the existence of the kill list in October 2022 when he was added. Musk evidentially wasn't aware of the kill list, and asked her for a url. Wikipedia Ukronazibots immediately set upon Bartlett. Musk had been giving the services of his Starlink satellite communications hook up to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for free. In October 2022 Musk posted a peace proposal on Twitter that read:

Wikipedia Ukronazibots slander Eva K Bartlett when she alerted Elon Musk that he was added to the Ukrainian Nazi kill list.
Ukraine-Russia Peace:

- Redo elections of annexed regions under UN supervision. Russia leaves if that is will of the people.

- Crimea formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s mistake).

- Water supply to Crimea assured.

- Ukraine remains neutral.

Ukrainian Ambassador Andrij Melnyk responded:

No Ukrainian will EVER buy your f***ing tesla crap. F*** off is my very diplomatic reply to you @elonmusk

Musk then announced it was costing him $20 million a month to provide the Starlink service, and he cut it off, saying either NATO, the Pentagon, or Zelensky regime should pick up the cost. Musk was immediately added to the kill list. However, Musk's aerospace deals with the Pentagon are quite lucrative, so he continued to offer the service for free to the Zelensky regime, and his name removed from the kill list.


Eric Zemmour

French presidential candidate endorsed by President Trump.

Jean Luc Melanchon

French presidential candidate.

Marion Marechal

French politician, part of the Le Pen family, granddaughter of National Front founder Jean-Marie Le Pen and niece of its current leader Marine Le Pen.

Liseron Boudoul

French report for TF1.[98]

Gilles Parrot

French reporter for TF1.

Segolene Royal

Reporter for BFM TV.

Adrian Bocquet

Journalist Adrian Bocquet survived an SBU assassination attempt in Turkiye.[99]


Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Labib was put on the list after a visit to Crimea.[100]


Gerhard Schröder

In November 2018 former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder was added to the kill list after he said the Crimean annexation is "a reality that must one day be recognized". Schroeder was accused of "anti-Ukrainian propaganda" and attempting to justify "Russian aggression against Ukraine."[101] A spokeswoman of the German Federal Foreign Office protested against the provocation and asked the Maidan regime to delete the website.[102] No action was taken.

Alina Lipp

German reporter Alina Lipp is on the kill list. Alina has been in Donbas since 2014. There is an arrest warrant out for her in Germany for reporting from Donbas.[103] Her mother was forced to flee Germany to Donbas for circumventing the Russia sanctions regime and sending her money.


Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi

Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is on the kill list. Myrotvorets accused Berlusconi of being “an accomplice of the Russian-fascist invaders and terrorists” in their “crimes against Ukraine,” in particular for his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Yalta, Crimea in 2015.

Andrea Roccelli

Italian reported "liquidated" in Donbas in 2014.


Presdident Victor Orban of Hungary.

Victor Orban

Hungarian President Victor Orban is on the assassination list.[104]


Zoran Milanovi

President Zoran Milanovi of Croatia is on the kill list.[105]


In September 2018, Myrotvorets wrote on Facebook that their database included residents of Zakarpattia Oblast who had taken out Hungarian citizenship.[106] After two weeks the database held more than 300 names of Ukrainian officials and local councillors from the oblast who had Hungarian passports.[107] On October 11, 2018, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said: "It is a lie that the Ukrainian state has nothing to do with the website that is listing suspected dual Ukrainian-Hungarian nationals", and claimed that Ukrainian dictator Petro Poroshenko "gave his consent to the hate campaign in an attempt to increase his popularity".[108]

Viktor Medvedchuk

Medvedchuk in SBU torture chamber.

On April 12, 2022, fascist dictator Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Instagram that the SBU arrested opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk. The founder of the second largest party in Ukraine, the now banned Patriots for Life, Medvedchuk is the de facto representative of the country's ethnic Russian population. Members of the state-sponsored neo-Nazi Azov Battalion's National Corps attacked Medvedchuk's home in March 2019. In August 2020, Azov's National Corps opened fire on a bus carrying representatives of Medvedchuk's party, wounding several with rubber-coated steel bullets.

Zelensky escalated the assault on Medvedchuk in February 2021 when Zelensky shuttered several media outlets controlled by Medvedchuk.[109] The Blinken State Department once again, through the Kyiv embassy, interfered in Ukrainian internal politics by openly endorsing Zelensky's move against political opponents.[110] Three months later, Kyiv regime jailed Medvedchuk and charged him with treason.[111] Zelensky justified locking away his leading rival on the grounds that he needed to “fight against the danger of Russian aggression in the information arena.”

Medvedchuk has criticized the Zelensky regime as ‘bad negotiators’ and ‘criminal amateurs’ who are incapable of governing a nation.

Volodymyr Struk

On March 1, 2022, Volodymyr Strok, the mayor of Kreminna, was kidnapped by according to his wife.[112] On March 3, pictures of Strok's visibly tortured body appeared. A day before his murder, Struk had reportedly urged his Ukrainian colleagues to negotiate with pro-Russian officials.[113] Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, celebrated the murder of the mayor who was shot in the heart, declaring on his Telegram page: "There is one less traitor in Ukraine."[114] After liberation, civilian eyewitnesses confirmed the Zelensky regime's murder of Struk.[115]

Denis Kireev

Ukraine peace negotiator shot dead ‘defending the nation’.[116] On March 5, 2022, SBU agents shot and killed Denis Kireev, a member of Ukraine's negotiating delegation during the Russia-Ukraine war, while he was negotiating the establishment of humanitarian corridors for refugees to escape urban centers, which the Russians had proposed.[117] SBU and the Zelensky regime implemented a policy of using civilians of as human shields for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, blocking civilians from leaving urban areas.

Yuri Prylipko

On March 7, 2022, Yuri Prylipko, the mayor of Gostomel in the Kyiv region, was murdered while handing out bread. Prylipko had reportedly entered into negotiations with the Russian military to organize a humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of his city's residents - a red line for Ukrainian ultra-nationalists who had long been in conflict with the mayor's office. The SBU attempted to blame the murder on Russians.[118]

Nestor Shufrych

Ukrainian member of parliament arrested.[119]

Oleh Kalashnikov

Oleh Kalashnikov, a Member of Parliament from the Party of Regions, was shot to death at the door of his own apartment in Kyiv on April 15, 2015.

Oles Buzina

Oles Buzina advocated reconciliation between Ukrainians, Belarusian, and Russians, murdered by Nazis in 2015.

Oles Buzina (also Buzyna), a prominent journalist and author who advocated for unity among Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia and campaigned to outlaw neo-Nazi organizing, was shot and killed near his apartment on April 16, 2015, by state-backed death squads after his name appeared on the Myrotvorets public blacklist of “enemies of the state” list.[120] The murder occurred the day after the murder of Oleh Kalashnikov, a Member of Parliament whose personal information also appeared on the Myrotvorets website.

In June 2015, investigators accused Andriy Medvedko and fellow C14 member, Denys Polishchuk, of killing Buzina.[121] During the Maidan coup C14 activists took over Kyiv's city hall and plastered its walls with neo-Nazi insignia before taking shelter in the Canadian embassy.[122] A March 2018 report by Reuters stated that “C14 and Kiev’s city government recently signed an agreement allowing C14 to establish a ‘municipal guard’ to patrol the streets."[123] By offering to carry out acts of violence on behalf of anyone willing to pay, the C14 fostered a cozy relationship with various governing bodies and powerful elites across Ukraine. Their advertisement on Facebook reads:[124]

“C14 works for you. Help us keep afloat, and we will help you. For regular donors, we are opening a box for wishes. Which of your enemies would you like to make life difficult for? We’ll try to do that.”

In 2018, a C14 youth organizer, Serhiy Bondar, spoke at an event at America House Kyiv, a US government institution that describes itself as “your main resource in Ukraine for American culture, education, and information.” This young fascist leader boasts of working with Kyiv police to “purge” a Gypsy homeless camp from a train station.[125]

C14 is even more notorious than the Azov Battalion. The name is a direct reference to the white supremacist “14 words”, ""We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." C14 has also received funding from the Zelensky regime, in the form of a Ministry of Youth and Sport grant for “national-patriotic education projects."[126]

Zelensky meets with Nazi leaders. (Far left) Dmytro Shatrovsky with Azov Battalion T-shirt, (across table) Volodymyr Zelensky, (bottom right end) Yehven Karas.

Since September 2019, Buzina's alleged killer Andriy Medvedko has served as a member of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NACB). In January 2020, he became a part of a working group on the 'rights and freedoms of veterans in prison', under the Ministry for Veterans Affairs. Denys Polishchuk, the other accused killer, heads the working group, which includes fellow C14 members Yevhen Karas and Oleksandr Voitko, as well as former lawmaker Oksana Korchinska. Karas has claimed that the SBU would “pass on” information cotozens of the Donbas “not only [to] us, but also Azov, the Right Sector and so on.”[127]

In October 2019, Zelensky met with Karas, Dmytro Shatrovsky, and other neo-Nazi leaders.[128] Days later prime minister and deputy head of Zelensky's office Oleksiy Honcharuk appeared on stage at a neo-Nazi concert organized by accused C14 murderer Andriy Medvedko.[129]

On February 5, 2022, nineteen days before the Russian incursion, Yevhen Karas appeared on television in Kyiv boasdting of the influence his organization and other Nazi groups enjoy in Ukrainian politics.[130] “LGBT and foreign embassies say ‘there were not many Nazis at Maidan, maybe about 10 percent of real ideological ones,’” Karas remarked. “If not for those eight percent [of neo-Nazis] the effectiveness [of the Maidan coup] would have dropped by 90 percent.” The 2014 Maidan “Revolution of Dignity” would have been a “gay parade” if not for the instrumental role of neo-Nazis, he proclaimed. Karas went on to declare that the West armed Ukrainian ultra-nationalists because “we have fun killing.”

Elena Berezhnaya

Although OSINT Academy sounds fairly innocuous, it's the official Twitter account for Ukraine's Ministry of Information head Dimitri Zolotukin. It is also Ukrainian Intelligence. The Ministry of Information started the Peacekeeper or Myrotvorets website that geolocates journalists and other people for assassination. If you disagree with OUNb politics, you could be on the list.

Elena Berezhnaya (née Viacheslavova), a human rights advocate and former Olympic figure skater whose father, Mikhail Viacheslavov, was burned alive during the May 2, 2014 ultra-nationalist mob attack on anti-Maidan protesters in the Odessa Trade Unions House massacre.[131] According to eyewitnesses the Maidan fascists outnumbered the anti-Kyiv protesters 10 to 1. First the Maidan activists burnt down the tents of anti-Kiev regime protesters outside the building. The anti-Kiev protesters retreated into the building and tried to blockade the door. A group of Maidan girls filled up Molotov cocktails.[132] The Maidan protesters began throwing Molotov cocktails. Soon the building was engulfed in flames. The Maidan fascist crowd began cheering as they set the building ablaze and beat those who tried to escape. A Maidan activist was shooting at people trying to escape from the windows.[133] A fire station less than a kilometer away couldn't respond. The Maidan activists blocked the lone fire truck and wouldn't let the firefighters operate.

Some eyewitnesses claim the real number is over a hundred. The bodies were removed and buried in secret. Survivors of the fire inside the building were executed with bullets to the head. Some were beaten to death with clubs when they jumped from windows of the burning building. A pregnant woman was strangled.[134] The Western-backed Kyiv regime covered up the atrocities, most victims being ethnic Russian citizens of Ukraine.

The Kiev regime took over the investigation and reported 46 dead in the building. However, Voice of Russia reported, "The interim Ukrainian authorities are hiding from the public the true death toll in Friday's tragedy in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, which actually claimed 116 lives, a member of the Odessa regional council told RIA Novosti Monday. "According to our data, there were 116 people killed in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa. Killed, not just "dead". "We don't use the word "burned" or "suffocated", because autopsies are not being performed, since the people have bullet wounds to the head," Vadim Savenko said.[135]

Luc Michel cites Oleg Tsarev:[136] "We believe that in the House of Unions there are more than 100 corpses. The police let nobody in so that the corpses are not counted. We know exactly there are there minor children. We are sure that those in power will do everything possible to conceal the traces of this horrible crime. We want to conduct an investigation and prosecute those responsible for this crime, he told RIA Novosti."[137] On July 31, 2014, Democratic Sen. Mark Udall called for CIA Director John Brennan's resignation.[138]

On September 18, 2015, the United Nation's Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights condemned the cover-up of the mass murder of 48 Ukrainians at the Odessa Trade Unions Building.[139]

Alexander Zakharchenko

Alexander Zakharchenko, head of the Donetsk Peoples Republic, was assassinated in a bomb explosion in a cafe in central Donetsk on August 31, 2018, by the SBU with the assistance of Western intelligence services.

Dmitry Demyanenko

Dmitry Demyanenko, former SBU head of the Kiev region, was shot dead in his car on March 10, 2022, accused of sympathy for Russia.[140]

Alexander Matjuschenko

The torture of Alexander Matjuschenko recorded by Azov fascists and posted on Telegram by the City of Dnipro.

On March 3, 2022, five people broke into the apartment of Alexander Matjushenko (also Matiushenko or Matyushenko) and his partner Maria M. in Dnipro. The two were yelled at, had to lie down on the floor, and were not allowed to move. The attackers did not identify themselves, but two wore badges of SBU. Another man in a military uniform with the emblem of the Azov Battalion beat Matjushenko on the ground with a rifle barrel pressed on the back of his head. The violent attack was videotaped and posted on the City of Dnipro's Telegram channel. Matjushenko can be seen bleeding from the face, repeatedly kicked, and forced to shout the fascist Banderite greeting, “Slava Ukraini!” ("Glory to Ukraine!"). Matjushenko had been beaten for two hours.

“Then they put bags over our heads, tied our hands with tape and took us to the SBU building in a car. There they continued to interrogate us and threatened to cut off our ears,” Matjuschenko's wife told the German publication Junge Welt.[141] Matjushenko is an anti-fascist and a member of Livitsya (Left), an association founded shortly after Zelensky's rise to power by activists from various social movements in Dnipro.Matjuschenko was jailed on the grounds that he was “conducting an aggressive war or military operation,” and now faces 10 to 15 years in prison. Despite enduring several broken ribs from the beating by state-backed ultra-nationalists, he has been denied bail. Meanwhile, dozens of others have been jailed on similar charges in Dnipro.

Father Oleg Trofimov

On March 25, 2014, in Severodonetsk in the Lugansk region, archpriest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate and doctor of theology, Father Oleg Trofimov, was subjected to persecution and threats on the part of the authorities and activists of the local Euromaidan because of the active position he had taken in civil society and his antifascist convictions. He was transferred to serve in a distant rural parish forty kilometers from home. The investigations being imposed on the archpriest in relation to questions surrounding the appropriateness of his official behavior were based on groundless accusations of the misuse of funds donated by parishioners, etc. Pravy Sektor has placed Father Oleg on their black list. The mass media, which is controlled by extremists, harassed the priest. His home address and telephone number are constantly being published on the Internet accompanied by calls to violence.

Yan Taksyur

Ukrainian Orthodox broadcast journalist jailed with no access to a lawyer medical treatment arrested in March 2022.[142]

Yuri Tkachev

Editor of the Odessa newspaper Timer Yuri Tkachev, arrested in March 2022.

Dmitri Djangirov

Dmitri Djangirov (or Dmitry Dzhangirov), journalist, political expert, political scientist, editor of Capital, a YouTube channel,[143] arrested.

Gonzalo Lira reported on the second kidnapping of disability rights activist Oleg Novikov, who has only one leg.

Vladislav Bovtruk

Journalist kidnapped and beaten in 2016.

Oleg Novikov

Oleg Novikov, director of the Kharkiv city center of the All-Ukrainian Association of the Disabled Eligible for Working, was kidnapped on April 5, 2022.[144]

In 2015, Novikov was sentenced to 3 years in prison for "attempting at Ukraine’s territorial integrity," or supporting separatism. Mr. Novikov lost one leg in a car accident years earlier. Russia's ombudswoman for human rights, Ella Pamfrilova, sent appeals for mercy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner, Nils Muiznieks, and the Ukrainian parliament's ombudsman for human rights on humanitarian grounds.[145]

Dmitry Skvortsov


Yuriy Dudkin

Political scientist.

Oleg Smetanin


Maxim Rindkovsky

Maxim Ryndovskiy, a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, was kidnaped by the gestapo and brutally tortured for the crime of training with Russian fighters at a gym in Chechnya.[146] Ryndovskiy also happened to be Jewish, with a Star of David tattooed on his leg, and had spoken out on social media against the Donbas war.

Mikhail & Aleksander Kononovich

On March 6, 2022, Mikhail and Aleksander Kononovich, members of the communist youth league, were arrested and accused of being "propagandists with pro-Russian and pro-Belarusian views.”[147]

Gennady Matsegora

On March 24, 202 Gennady Matsegora, mayor of Kupyansk released a video appealing to Zelensky for the release of his daughter, who had been held hostage by agents of the SBU.[148]

Andrii Telizhenko

Andrii Telizhenko was a political officer in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C. who attended a January 19, 2016 White House meeting where Obama administration officials asked Ukrainian prosecutors to clear Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings of corruption allegations and reopen a case on Paul Manafort who previously had been cleared of any wrongdoing.[149] According to White House visitor logs, the National Security Council official who sign Telizhenko into the White House was Eric Ciaramella, later was identified as the alleged "whistleblower" in the Trump impeachment sham.[150]

Telizhenko has repeatedly stated that DNC paid employee Alexandra Chalupa worked closely with the Ukrainian Embassy to obtain information on candidate Donald Trump. In an interview with the Gateway Pundit, Telizhenko said he met Chalupa in the spring of 2016 at the Ukrainian Embassy, where Chalupa told him she was “a DNC operative working for the DNC” and the “Clinton campaign.” Telizhenko continued, noting that Chalupa said she was “collecting any dirt or background information on Manafort, presidential candidate Trump or any other campaign official from the Trump campaign” and was looking for “connections to Russia or the FSB or Russian mob, or Ukrainian mob, etc.” According to Telizhenko, Chalupa said the information would “be used for committee hearings in Congress under a congresswoman.”[151]

In January 2017, Telizhenko told Politico that Chalupa said, “If we can get enough information on Paul [Manafort] or Trump’s involvement with Russia, she [Marcy Kaptur] can get a hearing in Congress by September [2016].”[152] Telizhenko summed it up succinctly, tweeting
“The Clinton campaign had a Democratic operative working with Ukraine’s embassy in Washington to research Trump’s Russia ties, as well as a Ukrainian lawmaker feeding information to Fusion GPS.”

The “Democratic operative” refers to Alexandra 'Ali' Chalupa, while the “Ukrainian lawmaker” refers to Serhiy Leshchenko. Chalupa, while on the payroll of the DNC, was paid to work with a foreign government to obtain dirt on political rivals, Paul Manafort and Donald Trump. Nellie Ohr, wife of disgraced Obama DOJ Assistant Attorney General Bruce Ohr, testified that while she was working for FusionGPS, she was given leads from "someone named Serhiy Leshchenko, a Ukrainian.” Leshchenko revealed the existence of the so-called Ukrainian “Black Ledger,” which allegedly contained a list of secret payments made to Paul Manafort.[153]

Anatoly Shariy

The Zelensky regime attempted to kill opposition leader Anatoly Shariy.

Anatoly Shariy (sometimes spelled 'Sharia') has nearly 3 million subscribers on YouTube,[154] 340,000 on Facebook, and 268,000 on Twitter, and is one of Ukraine's most popular journalists despite living in Lithuania and later Spain for the past decade. Shariy has been forced to flee into exile after enduring years of harassment from nationalists. Shariy has been considered a possible contender for the presidency of Ukraine in a future election, causing Zelensky to level accusations and sanctions against Shariy. Shariy's party was among 13 opposition parties outlawed by Zelensky under martial law.

In March 2022, Shariy received an email from a friend, “Igor,” seeking to arrange a meeting. He subsequently learned that Igor was held by the SBU at the time and being used to bait Shariy into disclosing his location. Shariy has been placed on the notorious Myrotvorets public blacklist of “enemies of the state."[155] On April 18, 2022, it was reported that Shariy faced a recent SBU assassination attempt after his friend was kidnapped.[156]

On May 5, 2022, Shariy's wife announced the Spanish government detained Shariy at the request of the fascist Maidan regime.[157]

Alexei Arestovich

Former Zelensky regime chief propagandist Alexei Arestovich was added to the kill after being fired by Zelensky for reporting the truth about an Armed Forces of Ukraine missile attack on a civilian residential apartment complex, killing 44 people.[158]

Georgy Medvedev

The Ukrainian military is offering a $10,000 reward for the head of the military correspondent Georgy Medvedev. He's filming footage from the front showing how the Ukrainian military bombed peaceful cities and villages of Donbass.

In a war zone, Georgy works without insignia that shows him a member of the press. Because they are targets for Ukrainian snipers.[159]

Ruslan Kotsaba

Anti-war activist and pacifist Ruslan Kotsaba is on the list.[160]

Yulia Tymoshenko

On September 12, 2017, Myrotvorets added Yulia Tymoshenko (former Prime Minister of Ukraine and leader of the Batkivshchyna party) to its database for “the illegal crossing of Ukraine’s state border. An assault within a group of persons on border guards fulfilling their duties to protect the state border of Ukraine. Participation in preparations for the illegal crossing of Ukraine’s border by a person without Ukrainian citizenship. Manipulation of socially important information”.[161]


Faina Savenkova

Faina Savenkova, a 13-year-old resident of the Lugansk Republic, was placed on the kill list after she issued a video message to the United Nations for an end to the war she has lived through since 2014.[162]

Faina Savenkova: Banderastan SITREP:

Faina Savenkova, a 13 year old Russian girl from Lugansk, added to the Ukrainian government's kill list for publishing a video addressed to the UN General Secretary asking for help for the children of Donbas.
For three years now I have been telling you about what is happening in Lugansk. About the war in which I live, about sorrows and joys. A year ago, the Peacemaker website published my personal data. I have written many letters to world leaders and artists in Western countries. I had only two requests: to delete the personal data of all the children from the “Peacemaker” and to help the children of Donbass to find a peaceful life so that we would not be killed. When the confrontation with the “Peacemaker” began, my friends – Ukrainian journalists asked me why I did not write a letter to Zelensky, but only mentioned him in an interview. At that time it was difficult for me to answer; I still naively believed that there could be peace between Ukraine and Donbass and that UN Secretary-General Guterres and UNICEF, as world-renowned organizations, would help me. But, unfortunately, I was wrong. Everything I asked for was ignored by these organizations, and Ukraine decided that we could be captured by force. My efforts and dreams have remained dreams. The only thing I’m glad about is that I didn’t write to Zelensky at that time. And now I understand why: you can’t write and ask not to kill children to someone who gives orders to shell Donetsk, Gorlovka, Alchevsk and other cities. You cannot write to a president who sends thousands of his soldiers to their deaths without sparing them, gives orders for terrorist acts and the murder of children. You can’t write to the president who started this massacre and lost half of his country. You can’t write to a loser. Every day children die in the Donbas, Kherson and Zaporozhye. And he has only himself to blame. A president who will lose everything…

Well, what about UNICEF, the UN, Amnesty International? Did they say anything about the children killed by the Ukrainian army? No, of course not. They reacted the same way to the story of the Peacemaker. They know. But they remain silent or express “concern”. They are silent always and everywhere. When the children of Yugoslavia, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were killed, they were silent. And if such respected organizations turn a blind eye to the brutal murder of children, do they have anything to say about the story of the “Peacemaker”? I think not. After all, according to UNICEF and Amnesty International, we are the wrong children, born and living in the wrong place. One of my essays says that children of war behave quietly because adults do not hear them. They are. Unfortunately, we children are not interested in these adults. We are not like them. They seem to think it’s okay to kill us, they just need to do it quietly so as not to disturb others with our cries for help. I’m sorry this is happening. I am sorry that the country in which I was born is shelling and trying to destroy everything that is dear to me and everything that I love, under the approving smile of those who can, but do not want to stop this war. Unfortunately, all those who help Ukraine do not realize that the war is coming to them.

Ordinary people in the United States and Europe are mostly unaware of the atrocities of the Ukrainian army, the brutal shelling and killing of civilians. People are told that we are shooting at ourselves or that the Russian army has been shooting at us for eight years. Apparently, that’s why we expected Russia to come here in 2022, right? This is a different reality.

But I’m sure it won’t always be like this. The truth will win anyway.[163]


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