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King's Cathedral and Chapels is a multi-site Pentecostal megachurch with its main location in Maui, Hawaii.


On Thanksgiving Day in 1935, a couple, Brother and Sister Creighton, came to Maui with a mandate from God to create a Pentecostal Church. A year later, in 1936, the Full Gospel Church of Paia began. The church eventually grew, and when Sister Creighton passed away, Brother Creighton and his family moved back to the mainland United States, and gave the church to the Assemblies of God, with the name changing to "First Assembly of God."

In 1960, the building was sold and became Doris Todd Memorial School. The congregation moved to central Maui, becoming a part of the Kahului Assembly of God, which began a year before. The church had constructed a new building on Kane Street with handmade bricks, taking the sign from their church in Paia and placing it in front of their new church.

In 1980, Dr. James Marocco and his wife, Pastor Colleen, became the new pastors of First Assembly of God. Some of his first actions as pastor were to order a new sign, paint the building, and expand the size of the church to accommodate 250 people instead of the 150 people it once held.

On the first Sunday of First Assembly of God with Dr. James Marocco and Pastor Colleen as their pastors, the congregation doubled. By the end of the year, they were noted by a national church growth organization as being one of the fastest-growing churches in the United States, growing to 700 in Sunday morning attendance.

To accommodate the growth of the church, the pastors took a step of faith and secured a former Foodland store that had turned into a skating rink across from the Kaahumanu Shopping Center. At the time they acquired the property, it was the largest facility in the state. An issue that they faced was the financial cost of securing the facility, costing $20,000 more a month than what came into the church. Dr. Marocco knew God's vision for First Assembly of God was more excellent, so he began praying for a piece of property, the corner of Dairy Road (what is now Airport Road) and Puunene Avenue (what is now Maui Veterans Highway).

In 1984, Dr. Marocco's parents, missionaries to India and the Philippines, had joined his staff and implemented early morning prayer meetings from 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM. These early morning prayer meetings still happen to this day across King's Cathedral and Chapels.

Dr. Marocco also attempted to secure the property that he had been praying for and envisioned to be the main property of their church. A & B Properties, the owners of the land, were willing to sell their land to us, but it was not the property Dr. Marocco had prayed for, but the property across the street.

It took a year to subdivide it, but Dr. Marocco could not have a church built on that property because there was a state law prohibiting churches from being built on agricultural land. Dr. Marocco had hired the leading constitutional lawyer in the United States, William Ball, who wrote a memorandum that Dr. Marocco brought with him when he went to the state capitol to persuade their legislators to change the law.

It had passed through committee but had failed on the state house floor by two votes. The only way they would have been able to build on the land was to have the county council rezone it. In sum, there were three hearings, of which the first two went against the church. But before the final hearing, A & B Properties offered the land across the street to Dr. Marocco, the very land that he had been praying for. In 1994, the property became their new church home and is currently the central location of King's Cathedral and Chapels.

King's Cathedral and Chapels was also one of the first churches on the Hawaiian Islands to incorporate hula into worship and eventually incorporated other Polynesian cultural dances.

After the year 2000, First Assembly of God changed their name to "King's Cathedral and Chapels." In 2005, King's Cathedral and Chapels was in the "12/12/12 Vision," believing to be in 12 nations, 12 states, and 12 locations in Hawaii. This vision grew into the "120/20 Vision," believing to be in 120 locations worldwide and ministering to 20,000 people weekly. As of May 2015, the "120/20 Vision" has been fulfilled, and grew into the "1/2/3 Vision," believing for 100 congregations in the United States, 200 congregations internationally, and ministering to 30,000 people weekly. In May 2020, this vision grew into "Vision 500," believing to have 500 congregations worldwide by May 26, 2021. Today, they are known for their early morning prayer meetings, theatrical productions, multiple service times, various forms of outreach into the public community, life groups, and generational ministries.

Currently, King's Cathedral and Chapels is an international church in 18 countries (outside of the United States): Andorra, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Fiji, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Mozambique, New Zealand, Philippines, Spain, Tahiti, Tonga, and Vietnam; a national church in 17 states (outside of Hawaii): Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia; and a statewide church on six islands: Hawaii, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Oahu, and Kauai.


King's Cathedral and Chapels is a part of the Assemblies of God and has one of their pastors as one of the Hawaii Assemblies of God Sectional Presbyters. Dr. James Marocco is a board member of Church Growth International.


Currently, Dr. James Marocco and Pastor Colleen Marocco are the senior pastors of King's Cathedral and Chapels. The various extensions and their respective ministries are managed by many pastors worldwide.

Dr. James Marocco has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Vanguard University, a Master of Arts from the University of Southern California in Ancient History, a Master of Divinity, and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, specializing in pastoral counseling and church growth.


On September 2, 2014, King's Cathedral and Chapels released a worship album, "We Cry Out: Polynesian Praise and Worship."

On July 21, 2020, King's Cathedral and Chapels' newly established worship team, King's Collective, released an EP, "Who I Am."


King's Cathedral Maui has a Christian school with grades kindergarten through 12th. They also have the King's School of Ministry, meant to provide students who have a vocation in ministry with training on theology, leadership development, practical experience, and spiritual growth.


King's Cathedral and Chapels have many various ministries that their members participate in or are a part of:

Transformation Ministry

Transformation Ministry is a ministry where people who deal with sinful issues can be in fellowship with those who have overcome those sinful issues or spiritual counselors and guides, growing with each other in their faith and desire for Christ and to make Him known.

Production Ministry

Recently launched in King's Cathedral Maui, the production ministry is a ministry where actors, singers, and backstage crew can work on refining their skills and performing the various productions produced by King's Cathedral and Chapels.

Youth Ministry

Depending on the extension, the youth ministry might be combined (6th to 12th grade), split (6th to 8th is separate from 9th to 12th), or a mixture of the two (split during one service, combined during another).

Worship Ministry

From middle school onward, members of the church can ask to participate in the church's worship ministry and sing during Sunday and Midweek services.

Filipino Ministry

This ministry is essentially the same type of service as a Sunday morning service or a Midweek service but meant for Filipinos.

Marshallese Ministry

This ministry is essentially the same type of service as a Sunday morning service or a Midweek service but meant for Marshallese people.

Spanish Ministry

This ministry is essentially the same type of service as a Sunday morning service or a Midweek service but meant for people who speak Spanish or have a Spanish and/or Latino background.


As an Assemblies of God church, they adhere to the Statement of Fundamental Truths, as affirmed by the Assemblies of God General Council:

  1. The Scriptures Inspired
  2. The One True God
  3. The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ
  4. The Fall of Man
  5. The Salvation of Man
  6. The Ordinances of the Church
  7. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  8. The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  9. Sanctification
  10. The Church and Its Mission
  11. The Ministry
  12. Divine Healing
  13. The Blessed Hope
  14. The Millennial Reign of Christ
  15. The Final Judgement
  16. The New Heavens and the New Earth


King's Cathedral and Chapels have some of the greatest numbers when it comes to extensions, having 300+ congregations to date. Their numbers can be boiled down to:

  • Hawaii: 2 campuses
  • Maui: 9 campuses (14 congregations; including cultural congregations)
  • Lanai: 1 campus (2 congregations; including cultural congregation)
  • Molokai: 4 campuses
  • Oahu: 4 campuses (7 congregations; including cultural congregations)
  • Kauai: 4 campuses
  • Alaska: 6 campuses
  • Arizona: 2 campuses
  • Arkansas: 4 campuses
  • California: 5 campuses
  • Illinois: 1 campus
  • Indiana: 1 campus
  • Iowa: 2 campuses
  • Missouri: 3 campuses
  • Nevada: 1 campus
  • Ohio: 1 campus
  • Oklahoma: 6 campuses
  • Oregon: 5 campuses
  • Texas: 2 campuses (3 congregations; including cultural congregations)
  • Washington: 7 campuses (8 congregations; including cultural congregations)
  • West Virginia: 2 campuses
  • Brazil: 9 campuses
  • Canada: 2 campuses
  • Chile: 7-16 campuses
  • Fiji: 1+
  • Guatemala: 1 campus
  • Italy: 1 campus
  • Japan: 3 campuses
  • Malaysia: 1 campus
  • Marshall Islands: 2 campuses
  • Mexico: 2 campuses
  • Mozambique: 6-12 (possibly 8-12) campuses
  • New Zealand: 3 campuses
  • Philippines: 100+ campuses
  • Spain: 3 campuses
  • Tahiti: 1+ campuses
  • Tonga: 3+ campuses
  • Vietnam: 70+ campuses

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