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Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko
Personal Life
Date & Place of Birth February 15, 1946
Tyrol, Austria
Parents Semión Krasnov
Dhyna Marchenko
Religion Orthodox Christian
Spouse María Bassa Salazar
Children María Lorena Krassnoff Bassa✝

Miguel Krassnoff Bassa

Military Career
Education Academy of War of the Chilean Army
School of the Americas
Branch of Service Coat of arms of Chile.png Chilean Army
Years of Service 1967-1998
Highest rank attained Brigadier
Commands held Caupolicán Brigade
Halcón I and II Groupings
Commander of Tucapel Regiment in Temuco
Chief of Staff
Fourth Division, Valdivia
Battles participated in Reduction of Left Wing Terrorism in Chile
Cold War
Post-military service Defender of the Historical Truth about the Chilean Military Government

Miguel Krassnoff Martchenko originally called Mikhail Semyonovich Krasnov (born 15 February 1946 in Tyrol, Austria), is a Chilean Anti-communist Army Brigadier who fought Left Wing Terrorism in Chile.

He executed the leader of the terrorist organization MIR (Revolutionary Left Movement, Chile) Miguel Enríquez during an operation to disarticulate terrorism.

After the Military Goverment he was imprisoned with charges without evidence and using an obsolete Chilean Justice System specifically for his case.

Today he is a political prisoner in the Punta Peuco Jail.[1] The corrupt Judicial Activism System condemned him to a total of 1000 years of prison using false premises (the sentence is being heightened by the system). He served on the Army combating terrorism which was not illegal and didn't commit a crime. He killed the leader of the far-left MIR guerrilla on October 5, 1974. Even in that situation he took the precaution to not kill the terrorist's wife who had the children Marco Enríquez-Ominami that is the leader of the Progressive Party nowadays. All the accusations of torture against him are fabricated and false.

He is son of Semion Krasnov and grandson of Piotr Krasnov, famous Russian Anti-Marxist Cossacks.

He recieved the Medal of Valor awarded to Lieutenant Miguel Krassnoff by the great courage he showed in the confrontation with the MIR terrorists October 5, 1974.

Despite the accusations, I keep up my spirit and my unwavering faith in God. Let everyone know that I am a Cossack and I'm proud of it, same feeling that I keep by using the uniform of the Chilean Army Officer. I'm a soldier who have become politically persecuted, but not in a Chilean military defeat, much less in a Cossack prostrate.

~ Miguel Krassnoff

When he had the opportunity to have political asylum escaping to Russia when he was first sentenced by corrupt judges, he declined, alleging he is innocent and that as a patriot he will fight.

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