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New Mexico music is an American folk genre of music which originated in the U.S. State of New Mexico.[1] It is typified by the heavy use of guitars, trumpets, steel guitars, accordians, and violins, like its root styles of traditional New Mexico folk music, classic Rock music, and Country-Western music, it also has a steady rhythm section like that of Native American music, and lyrics typically in New Mexican Spanish and sometimes New Mexican English. Traditional New Mexico folk music has existed since before the 16th century, the first songs in the genre were recorded by Smithsonian Folkways in the 1940s and 50s, and in the mid-1950s Norman Petty's studio in Clovis recorded New Mexico music by Al Hurricane, Tiny Morrie, Baby Gaby, Roberto Griego, and the country and rock musicians Hank Williams Jr. and Buddy Holly. And, since the late-1960s, Albuquerque has been prominent in producing New Mexico music performers, which was described as "the Chicano Nashville" in the 1980s. However, other cities such as Santa Fe, Farmington, and Las Cruces have also played important roles in its progression. It has been most successful in New Mexico and Southern Colorado, as well as throughout the American Southwest, West Texas, and Northern Mexico; much like other Country music genres, it has also seen success in Australia, Argentina, and the European countries of Germany, Netherlands, and uniquely Spain and Japan.[2][3]

A currently developing sub-genre, which contains elements of New Mexico music merged with Americana music and modern folk music, is being referred to as New Mexicana.[4]

Several organizations present awards to outstanding New Mexico music performers including the New Mexico Music Awards and New Mexico Hispano Music Association.[5][6] There is also the annual Los 15 Grandes De Nuevo Mexico Music Award, which has both a concert and music album.[7]

Foundations of New Mexico music

Many New Mexico music songs share similar lyrical themes of other American folk genres. Those simlar themes are God and the Christian religion, family, madrecita (momma), love, the struggles of the common man, Alcohol, and supporting and promoting the love and defense of America and its values. Unique themes to New Mexico music include, but are not limited to; ranching lifestyle, dancing, and celebrating the traditions of the New Mexico from the Nuevomexicanos, Pueblo, the Wild West, the Navajo and Apache, Route 66, and the music of both America and Mexico.


Some New Mexico music performers include:

New Mexicana music performers include:


Much like other American folk genres, New Mexico music is mainly a solo artist dominated field, there are quite a few bands that have enjoyed success. Some of these include:

New Mexicana music performers

Famous Families of New Mexico Music