Rivals to Trump

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Donald Trump has the clearest path to a Republican Party nomination for president in 2024 of any non-sitting president in a century. Despite this, the liberal media promote potential rivals to Trump, who include:

  • Ron DeSantis - unlikely to run in 2024, and lagged the larger vote total of Florida's pro-Trump Attorney General; DeSantis is mostly promoted by a small group of Never-Trumpers
  • Tom Cotton - announced in November 2022 that he will not run for president in 2024, after apparently considering it and making multiple trips to Iowa and New Hampshire[1]
  • Mike Pence - has never had much support, and even less after how he's failed to defend Trump; couldn't attract a crowd 1/10th the size of Trump's
  • Liz Cheney - a joke among Republicans and humiliated by her landslide defeat in her own primary in Wyoming in 2022.

=Additional Potential Joke Candidates