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The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), formerly the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) prior to the split off of the Department of Education in 1977, is the United States government's principal agency to administer the Social Security and Medicare programs, and oversee the Center for Disease Control.[1]

Joe Biden appointed one of the most pro-abortion politicians in the country, Xavier Becerra, to head this agency in 2021.

Biden regime

Biden border crisis: babies in cages.
See also: Biden border crisis

According to Politico,[2] Health and Human Services and White House and apparatchiks were frustrated after being left with the task of cleaning up remarks about the Mexican border by Symone Sanders, senior spokesperson for border czar Kamala Harris. Sanders told reporters that Biden and Harris “have instructed [HHS Secretary Xavier] Becerra to do a thorough investigation” of the El Paso army base where migrant children were locked in cages.

Chief propagandist Jen Psaki and others told The Guardian that no such investigation existed. “At no time did The White House recommend a probe of the facility,” a White House spokesman told The Guardian.[3] CBS News also reported that a White House official said that Biden did not order a formal investigation.[4]

According to a whistleblower complaint, children were forced to sleep in tents that “were dirty and often had a foul odor,” at times smelling of sewage at the Fort Bliss, Texas army base, one of the camps the Biden junta used to hold 5,000 children. Children were not given prompt medical care when experiencing health crises, including one girl who had a panic attack after learning that her old sister was dying and another who, after not receiving her period for months, began bleeding profusely. One 13-year-old from Honduras at Fort Bliss recounted that a friend was served raw or undercooked chicken “that still had feathers in it.”[5]

The complaint was sent to various congressional committees and to the Health and Human Services (HHS) inspector general. The Health and Human Services Department hired a water-and-fire damage repair contractor with no training to supervise migrant children at the Texas army base. As of July 2021 there were roughly 14,500 children in HHS custody at several of its concentration camps. When border czar Kamala Harris visited Texas in June 2021, she studiously avoided Fort Bliss.

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