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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a massive United States government agency that spends over $8 billion a year.[1]

Its annual budget reflects political pressure and interests of the pharmaceutical industry rather than the incidence of disease and health problems among Americans. There have been frequent complaints of conflicts of interest by officials at the CDC. The CDC has made many high-profile mistakes in recommending vaccines wanted by the pharmaceutical industry, such as the Lyme disease vaccine, the rotavirus vaccine and the swine flu vaccine, all of which were later pulled from the market.

Founded in 1946, the CDC is based in Atlanta.[2]


"It should be clear to all by now that federal bureaucracies are either too corrupt, politicized, or incompetent to fulfill their core missions. The purpose of bureaucracies is to continually expand their payroll, budgets, and missions to the point of becoming massive, inefficient, and deadly. We will have to take care of ourselves if we want to survive. Waiting for more CDC directives and guidelines is worse than counterproductive."—Richard Amerling, M.D., Association of American Physicians and Surgeons[3]

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