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In Marxist single-party systems, a commissar is a high ranking official entrusted over a totalitarian bureaucracy to carry out the politically correct designs of the party.

Political commissars in the armed services

Soviet Union

See also: Red Army

In the Soviet Union, military units and officers were kept under constant surveillance by communist political commissars, the supervisory officers responsible for the socialist political indoctrination present in every military unit and formation, from company- to division-level, including the navy. Their job was insure that military officers carried the orders of the party and weed out and punish dissenters in the lower ranks.

United States

In the United States, Joe Biden became the first American leader in history to deploy political commissars into the United States military. Richard Torres-Estrada, who once compared President Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, was appointed "chief diversity officer" to oversee the socialist indoctrination of U.S. Special Operations Forces.[1]


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