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Steven Connor Cortes

(Business executive and conservative journalist)

Steve Cortes.jpg

Born January 5, 1972
Chicago, Illinois

Alma mater:
George Washington University

Political Party Republican
Spouse Holly Cortes

Chase, Kingsley, and Elizabeth Cortes
One other child

Religion Roman Catholic

Steven Connor Cortes (born January 5, 1972)[1] is a business executive and conservative television broadcaster in his native Chicago, Illinois. From 2020 to 2021, he co-hosted with Jenn Pellegrino Cortes and Pellegrino, a nightly news program on Newsmax. However, in November 2021, Cortes was removed from the television show because of his vocal opposition to company policy requiring vaccine mandates as instituted by Newsmax chief executive officer Christopher Ruddy. The program had low ratings too, perhaps because it was cast opposite Sean Hannity on Fox News at the 9 p.m. Eastern time slot. Usually the program had firebrand Michael Savage of San Francisco as a guest on a near weekly basis. Cortes is a former campaign spokesman for former U.S. President Donald Trump and also a public speaker.[2]Before the assignment on Newsmax, he was a commentator for CNBC and Fox News.[3]

Cortes (pronounced COR TEZ) is of Colombian descent. His father left Colombia to attend graduate school at the private Indiana Institute of Technology in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was reared on the South Side of Chicago. In 1994, Cortes graduated from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., at which he played football and was nominated for a Rhodes Scholarship. After college, he sold government bonds through Prudent Financial, Inc. Then he established his own company, VeraCruz, LLC , which offers real estate market research. In 2001, he published a book on investments entitled, "Against the Herd: 6 Contrarian Investment Strategies You Should Follow.[3]

Cortes and his wife, Holly, have four children.[3]


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