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I think this article should be titled Wuhan coronavirus instead, as the current title is the result of the fact that the WHO is owned by Red China, also see previous articles Wuhan coronavirus - Chinese Communist Party response and Global Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Real45fan (talk) 17:36, 30 March 2020 (EDT)

You make a good point about the proper name of the virus. However, it can be counterproductive to overdo issues re: nomenclature.--Andy Schlafly (talk) 17:39, 30 March 2020 (EDT)
The Chinese had no problem with "Wuhan coronavirus" until they decided to blame America for it, which was about a week ago. (They were hoping that the virus would be seen as something local to Wuhan.) As far as the recent edits go, the opening of an article should of course correspond to its title. So long as the title of this article is "COVID-19," it can't open with "Wuhan virus." In addition, I don't think we should call it "China virus" or "CCP virus" anywhere. Yeah, there is German measles and Spanish flu. But that's not how viruses get named in the modern, globalized era. PeterKa (talk) 23:18, 30 March 2020 (EDT)
According to the Marxist head of the WHO, Covid-19 is the disease, not the virus. 2019-nCoV is the strain of virus. I disagree about CCP virus. It was the CCP, in collusion with the WHO, that politicized the name of the virus, and the CCP virus does not attach itself specifically to a location or nationality. It does attach itself to the political entity that created a global pandemic. RobSDe Plorabus Unum 02:44, 31 March 2020 (EDT)
Rep. Paul Gosar just tweeted a poll and the results were that "CCP virus" was the winner. Real45fan (talk) 19:27, 1 April 2020 (EDT)


Watching a live broadcast right now that covers latest developments on chloroquine. The Dr. Zelenko stuff begins about 14:23. RobSDe Plorabus Unum 18:46, 30 March 2020 (EDT)


Isolating Zelenko into a separate subheading may have the opposite effect of marginalizing Zelenko as a quack; rather it should be highlighted that Zelenko's treatment has been approved for expanded nationwide use. The treatment in mainstream. I suggest renaming the subhead and expanding the section to include information about about partisan anti-science Democrat governors (War on science} willing to let their people die. RobSDe Plorabus Unum 12:55, 10 April 2020 (EDT)

More testing/reporting fraud

Grab your popcorn, because here we go again. "At least 333 labs claim everyone they tested was positive for coronavirus" --DavidB4 (TALK) 18:45, 13 July 2020 (EDT)

Out of date

This article is badly out of date, as this sentence from the lede shows: "Until a widespread vaccine becomes available in later 2020 or in 2021". --Jackin the box (talk) 11:27, January 17, 2022 (EST)

Go ahead, update it. Thanks. RobSLet's Go Brandon! 12:52, January 17, 2022 (EST)