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Authorization by Conservative Catholic Preparedness Podcaster/Blogger Alex Barron to use "up to 3 Quotes of 800 Words Each" of his Writings per CP Article

Good news from Alex Barron -- I was discussing on e-mail today with him to get his permission to use a larger than normal "fair use" amount of his prolific authoritative source materials to build some good quality articles on a variety of Conservative-related topics. He is a respected and popular blogger/podcaster in the field of the Preparedness, computer and internet security (Tails TOR OS), Free States Movement, and especially the American Redoubt. He authorized "three quotes of 800 words each, in any of your wiki articles". That's 2400 words of great source material with me writing a wrapper around it and integrating other materials plus all the Wiki-link work and formatting following the CP Conservapedia:Manual of Style.' (See below for the actual e-mail authorization.) His very interesting materials on computer security will help me to complete all of the red links for the See Also on Tails (operating system) page (which I will turn into a Template:Internet security topics. Mr. Barron works professionally in that field.

This is a reasonable and commonplace excerpt/quoting amount for Fair use, but nevertheless, it is good we received permission.

Thus, he is offering us the same Fair Use quotation/citation terms as Talk:James_Wesley_Rawles#Authorization_by_NYT_Best-Selling_Conservative_Christian_Preparedness_Author_James_Wesley_Rawles_to_use_.22up_to_3_Quotes_of_800_Words_Each.22_of_his_Writings_per_CP_Article

TheAmericanRedoubt 07:18, 11 February 2015 (EST)


Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 18:36:40 -0700

Dear User:TheAmericanRedoubt, You are certainly welcome to use up to three quotes of 800 words each, in any of your wiki articles.


Alex Barron

Traditional Catholic, Constitutional Conservative & American Patriot

"The American Redoubt, you may re-post up to 3 quotes of 800 words each of any post I have with a link back to this site. And I think you are doing great work over at Conservapedia." Alex Barron, Owner of Charles Carroll Society podcast and blog. January 9, 2015

Template:Charles Carroll Society authorized quotation

This template should be used for quotations from Mr. Barron's materials to ensure that Conservapedia is legally protected in terms of copyright fair use authorization.

Template:Charles Carroll Society authorized quotation

Here is an example of Alex Barron quote: Idaho "deserves credit for being one of the few states to refuse to authorize privacy-invading sobriety check points. Bard Note: These check points are one of those little “police state, bad thing for a good reason.” We all hate drunk drivers, and we all recognize they are a threat to everyone else, however it is unconstitutional to pull anyone over without cause. The supreme court said “…it is not constitutional, but we will allow it.” Now as you can expect when you let the big government do one thing that is unconstitutional it does many. They now run dogs up and down your cars and if the mutt “alerts” that is probable cause to search your car for drugs. They have forced citizens out of their cars and taken pictures of their tattoos for identification at these checkpoints. And of course now that the “we” voted to allow DUI check points DHS is getting involved with check points. This is what happens when you let the government do even a small thing that is unconstitutional. Remember that when cops pull over your wife coming home and have her dancing in the streets, just because they want too. Many of the American Redoubt States do not allow this evil encroachment on the Fourth Amendment. On educational policies Idaho really shines, with only nine years of mandated schooling and no regulations on private or homeschooling other than curriculum requirements. One personal freedom Idaho needs to reform is asset forfeiture; the state has the same regime as Arizona. Bard Note: What this does is allow the Police to arrest you for something, then seize all of your assets and all proceeds to the police."[1]

Sample References

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