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Alex Barron is a conservative Roman Catholic African American podcaster and creator of the Charles Carroll Society preparedness podcast broadcast from Idaho's Palouse region. He calls himself "The Bard of the American Redoubt." He served in the US Navy at an intelligence gathering command.[1]

Mr. Barron explains that he writes and podcasts from "a view from a traditional Catholic, Constitutional Conservative, American Patriot, In That Order. I believe that this country was founded as a Libertarian Christian Republic and has strayed far from that beginning."

He asserts, "I believe one way to rediscover the Libertarian Christian roots of this republic is to look at moving to “deep red” states, or areas that are very conservative. I have said many times, it is easier to be a conservative Catholic in Mexico then in California. One such concept is known at the American Redoubt created by an ex-Army officer named James Wesley Rawles of The Survival Blog which is one of the most popular preparedness sites on the Internet today. He had the amazing idea of inviting all liberty-loving Christian and Orthodox Jews of all ethnic races to move to the mountain states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and parts of Oregon and Washington, the idea being to make thinly populated, politically traditional and conservative state, even more conservative. I believe in this idea, although I would include the Northern parts of Utah in this Redoubt. To be clear, the American Redoubt is not the only approach for libertarian traditional Christians to withdraw from very liberal, progressive communities to raise their families in traditional communities. The New Hampshire Free State Project is one of the most popular redoubt projects."

He says that in the realm of conservative podcasts and blogs, "I feel that there is something lacking for people who are Catholic (both James Wesley Rawles and John Jacob Schmidt are very protestant), or people who may be planning on moving to a Traditional Redoubt like the American Redoubt, but for various reasons are currently living in a very progressive community. Thus I thought to share my struggles, insights and knowledge."[2]

Alex Barron - Essayist and "Bard of the American Redoubt"

Alex Barron was born in America's most violent and notorious public housing project the infamous Cabrini Green, in Chicago, Illinois, and joined the United States Navy under the delayed enlistment program at the age of 17. He immediately volunteered to go as far away as possible. He ended up in Japan. He attended the University of Maryland, University College, Asia Division while serving in the United States Navy, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Information System Management. Alex served in the US Navy overseas (not in a war zone) at a premier intelligence gathering site during operation DESERT STORM. He has worked in private and public sector and in and around the US military and defense contractors including a short stint in Afghanistan during wartime, building and supporting weapons of war for over 25 years. He currently lives in the American Redoubt “west of the Rockies.” Alex is the Founder of the Charles Carroll Society blog where he discusses self-sufficiency, patriot and Christian libertarian causes with a traditional Catholic perspective.

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