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Charles Carroll Society is a conservative podcast created by Roman Catholic African American Alex Barron and is broadcast from the American Redoubt in Idaho's Palouse region.

Mr. Barron explains that his "blog is a view from a Traditional Catholic, Constitutional Conservative, American Patriot, In That Order. I believe that this country was founded as a Libertarian Christian Republic and has strayed far from that beginning."

He asserts, "I believe one way to rediscover the Libertarian Christian roots of this republic is to look at moving to “deep red” states, or areas that are very conservative. I have said many times, it is easier to be a conservative Catholic in Mexico then in California. One such concept is known as the American Redoubt.... [T]he idea being to make thinly populated, politically traditional and conservative state, even more conservative. I believe in this idea, although I would include the Northern parts of Utah in this Redoubt. To be clear, the American Redoubt is not the only approach for libertarian traditional Christians to withdraw from very liberal, progressive communities to raise their families in traditional communities. The New Hampshire Free State Project is one of the most popular redoubt projects."

Kindred podcasts

Mr. Barron suggests that, "As the popularity of the American Redoubt another wonderful site Radio Free Redoubt, which publishes a weekly radio show is led by John Jacob Schmidt. The concept of a regular podcast / radio show focused on the American Redoubt is wonderful and I recommend you subscribe to Mr. John Schmidt’s podcast."


"Thus, you may ask, why would need another blog / podcast focused on the American Redoubt? The answer is my Christian Catholic faith and my position as a “part time” prepper and “Outside the American Redoubt” or OAR. Please read my Catholic Land Movement piece to see how Catholics have tried to organized back to the land movements and are trying again. I feel that there is something lacking for people who are Catholic (both James Wesley Rawles and John Jacob Schmidt are very protestant), or people who may be planning on moving to a Traditional Redoubt like the American Redoubt, but for various reasons are currently living in a very progressive community. Thus I thought to share my struggles, insights and knowledge."

Mr. Barron explains that "Charles Carroll of Carrollton was the only Catholic to sign the U.S. Declaration of Independence. It is an amazing fact that he was an American patriot. In Maryland as a Roman Catholic he was barred from holding office. Yet he wrote a series of articles making the point that the colonies should have more control over their own fates. Under the pseudonym 'First Citizen', Charles Carroll wrote “Government was instituted for the general good, but Officers entrusted with its powers, have most commonly perverted them to the selfish views of avarice and ambition; hence the Country and court interests, which ought to be the same have been too often opposite, as must be acknowledged and lamented by every true friend of Liberty….”"[1]

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