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I created this collapsible bottom of page Navigation Bar template Template:Preparedness_topics to ensure that I would more easily comply with Conservapedia:Editing_article_and_talk_pages#See_also_section in a consistent manner that could be globally updated across the site as need be.

"If needed, a "See also" section can be added to provide additional links to relevant Conservapedia articles that whose names do not otherwise appear in the text of the article. If an article name is already covered by an internal link, do not repeat that link on the see also section."
"The See also section consists of a bullet list of article names without pipes. Only one article name should appear on each line. Only articles that are directly relevant to the topic of the article should be included on the See also list. Links that do not point to Conservapedia articles belong in the "External links" section."

Once this template is accepted by the Conservapedia Admins, I would like to request that it please be locked to ensure no global rapid vandalism occurs since I will be using it on hundreds of articles related to topics within the Category:Preparedness Glossary, Category:Survivalism, Category:Tools, Category:Firearms, Category:Ammunition, Category:Home Security, Category:Made in USA, Category:Strategic Relocation, Category:American Redoubt, Category:Idaho, Category:Montana, Category:Wyoming, Category:Amateur Radio, Category:Permaculture, Category:Gardening among others.

Please do not help me edit it. It is under construction for the next few days so I can add the following topics:

I will be paring down the topics for this Nav Bar to a smaller subset of the following:

See Also

  1. Food ("Beans")
  2. Firearms and other Home security ("Bullets")
  3. First aid supplies ("Bandaid")
  4. Books and Skills ("Books")
  5. Precious metals ("Bullion")
  6. Energy ("Batteries")
  7. Community ("Brotherhood")
  8. Survival psychology ("Being")


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