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A threat is any of a very large number or events or conditions that interrupt systems of support, injure or threaten your person, or degrade your quality of life.

Natural Disasters

An Act of God is a large scale destructive event mislabeled as a 'natural disaster' by pagan liberals who refuse to accept that God has a plan beyond human understanding. An example would be a volcano eruption, earthquake, tsunami, tornado, or a hurricane.

Insurance agencies often refer to so-called natural disasters as "Acts of God".[1] Many policies have provisions that companies will not insure against such occurrences. For instance home owner's insurance in southern California does not cover damage done as a result of earthquakes. Earthquake protection must be purchased separately.

The original reference to "Acts of God" in regard to insurance claims came through a court case in 1803.[2]

Man-Made Threats

Government Related

Threats to Person

Medical Threats

Medical threats are numerous and generally very personal they are usually an injury or a long-term health condition.

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