Ten Perfections

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The 'Ten Perfections or Dasha Paramita in Buddhist Sanskrit refers to the ten practices of a Bodhisattva. They refer to altruistic attitudes and moral behavior in the practitioner.

  1. Generosity (Charity-Philanthropy- Benevolence: "Benefit others more than yourself.")
  2. Morality of the Five Precepts - Renunciation of immorality and the causes of suffering (the causes are always based in immorality or amoral behavior).
  3. Patience (implies Forgiveness and Endurance)
  4. Joyful Perseverance (Persistence, Determination and Moral Fortitude or Moral Courage)
  5. Meditation (Calm Abiding or Making the mind have deeply relaxed focused awareness for contemplation of morality-compassion-wisdom)
  6. Wisdom (Interdependence, Understanding Cause and effect, Prudence, Humility of "No Self")
  7. Skillful Means or Expedient Means (Use the "medicine" according to the particular "disease" and "patient")
  8. Great Vows (to get Enlightened in order to better "Benefit others more than yourself.")
  9. Great Strength
  10. Great Wisdom (Buddhahood)

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