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United States intelligence community

The United States Intelligence Community (IC) is the official euphemism given to the 16 member intelligence community that loosely reports to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

ODNI, and its head, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), replaced the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) as the central collection point of intelligence in a series of supposed reforms following the 9/11 Commission Report.

The members of the IC, listed in order of the year of their founding, along with their acronyms and the Cabinet department under which they are located, are:

  • Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) (Defense-Navy) (1882)
  • Coast Guard Intelligence (CGI) (Homeland Security-Coast Guard) (1915)
  • Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) (State) (1945)
  • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (independent agency) (1947)
  • Sixteenth Air Force (16 AF or USAF ISR Enterprise) (Defense-Air Force) (1948)
  • National Security Agency Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) (Defense) (1952)
  • National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) (Defense) (1961)
  • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) (Defense) (1961)
  • Military Intelligence Corps (MIC) (Defense-Army) (1977)
  • Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (OICI) (Energy) (1977)
  • Marine Corps Intelligence (MCI) (Defense-Marine Corps) (1978)
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) (Defense) (1996)
  • Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA) (Treasury) (2004)
  • Intelligence Branch (IB) (Justice-FBI) (2005)
  • Office of National Security Intelligence (ONSI) (Justice-DEA) (2006)
  • Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) (Homeland Security) (2007)
  • National Space Intelligence Center (NSSI or USSF ISR Enterprise) (Defense-Space Force) (2020)

Critics sometimes refer to elements of the Deep State residing in the Intelligence Community. The Snowden revelations uncovered massive illegal abuses, 4th Amendment violations, and unaccountability to Congress, the Supreme Court, and the White House.[1] Since the CIA demotion as the central collector of intelligence,[2] the CIA has become even more unhinged in its involvement in sparking the Libyan War,[3] training and equipping the Islamic State,[4][5] starting the Syrian War with its resultant European migrant crisis,[6] arranging the purchase of the Washington Post through as a front to influence US domestic policy, politics, and public opinion,[7] and the manufactured Trump-Russia scare to seize control of the foreign policy prerogative of the president and dictate it themselves,[8] unelected, unaccountable to no one,[9] with the ability to blackmail anyone, including Members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices,[10] Presidents and their staff with IC's unlimited electronic surveillance capabilities.[11]

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