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Unconfirmed List of Members

To use the sortable table, click on the icons at the top of each column to sort that column in alphabetical order; click again for reverse alphabetical order. The default mode orders the list alphabetically by last name. "Employer" columns refer to employers at time of participation in JournoList.

Name Most prominent employer (position) Additional employer, if any
Other information
Spencer Ackerman Washington Independent, The [1]
Ben Adler Politico (reporter) Later an editor at Newsweek[2]
Michael Allen Politico (columnist) [3]
Eric Alterman Nation, The City University of New York (professor) [3]
Greg Anrig Century Foundation, The [4]
Dean Baker American Prospect, The [5]
Nick Baumann Mother Jones [2]
Josh Bearman L.A. Weekly [4]
Steven Benen Carpetbagger Report, The [5]
Jared Bernstein Later became an economist
working for Vice President
Joe Biden[1]
Lindsay Beyerstein (blogger) [6]
Michael Berube Crooked Timber blog Pennsylvania State University [5]
Joel Bleifuss In These Times [5]
John Blevins South Texas College of Law (professor) [4]
Sam Boyd American Prospect, The [5]
Rich Byrne playwright freelance writer [7]
Jonathan Chait New Republic, The (senior editor)
Lakshmi Chaudry In These Times [5]
Michael Cohen New America Foundation [2]
Joe Conason New York Observer (columnist) (columnist) [1]
Daniel Davies Guardian, The (columnist) [6]
Brad DeLong Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal University of California, Berkeley [5]
Ryan Donmoyer Bloomberg News [4]
Kevin Drum Washington Monthly, The (when list began) [1]
Henry Farrell George Washington University [4]
James Galbraith University of Texas at Austin [5]
Todd Gitlin Columbia University (journalism professor) [1]
Ilan Goldenberg National Security Network, The [5]
Merrill Goozner Chicago Tribune [5]
David Greenberg Slate (contributor) [1]
Robert Greenwald Brave New Films [5]
Christopher Hayes The Nation [1]
Don Hazen Alternet [5]
John Judis New Republic, The (senior editor) [6]
Michael Kazin Georgetown University (law professor) [7]
Ed Kilgore Progressive Policy Institute (senior fellow) (contributing writer)[6] Managing editor of The Democratic Strategist, an online forum [8][9]
Richard Kim Nation, The [5]
Mark Kleiman Reality Based Community, The University of California, Los Angeles [5]
Ezra Klein
(no relation to Joe)
Washington Post (blogger) [3]
Joe Klein
(no relation to Ezra)
TIME magazine (columnist) [3]
Paul Krugman New York Times (Op-ed columnist) Princeton University (professor) Nobel Prize laureate [3]
Lisa Lerer Politico [3]
Daniel Levy Century Foundation [2]
Alec McGillis Washington Post [4]
Scott McLemee Inside Higher Ed [5]
Ari Melber Nation, The [5]
Seth Michaels [4]
Luke Mitchell Harper's magazine (editor) [4]
Gautham Nagesh Daily Caller, The Joined in March 2009 and left in April 2010; later a reporter with The Hill[10]
Susan Nossel Human Rights Watch (chief of operations) [2]
Michael O'Hare University of California, Berkeley (professor) [7]
Rick Perlstein Campaign for America's Future [5]
Harold Pollack University of Chicago [4]
Katha Pollitt Nation, The [1]
David Roberts Grist blog (staff writer) [1]
Alyssa Rosenberg Government Executive [4]
Thomas Schaller Baltimore Sun (columnist) University of Maryland, Baltimore County (professor) (contributing writer)[1]
Michael Scherer TIME magazine [6]
Mark Schmitt (later executive editor at The American Prospect)[1]
Julie Bergman Sender Balcony Films [5]
Nate Silver [11]
Ben Smith Politico [3]
Sarah Spitz KCRW-FM (National Public Radio affiliate station) program "Left, Right & Center" (producer; as of July 2010 a publicity director)[12] After her JournoList comments about Rush Limbaugh were made public,[6] she apologized.[12]
Adele Stan Media Consortium, The [4]
Kate Steadman Kaiser Health News [4]
Jonathan Stein Mother Jones (reporter) [2]
Sam Stein Huffington Post, The (reporter) [10]
Steven Teles Yale University (professor) [4]
Mark Thoma Economist's View, The [5]
Michael Tomasky Guardian, The [1]
Jeffrey Toobin CNN (senior analyst) The New Yorker (staff writer) [3]
Rebecca Traister Salon (columnist) [7]
Cenk Uygur Young Turks, The [5]
Tracy Van Slyke Media Consortium, The [5]
David Weigel Washington Post news blogger
covering the conservative movement
Moira Whelan National Security Network [4]
Kai Wright Root, The [5]
Holly Yeager Later associated with Columbia Journalism Review[1]
Rich Yeselson Change to Win labor federation (research coordinator)[14] [9]
Matthew Yglesias [3]
Jonathan Zasloff University of California Los Angeles (law professor) [6]
Julian Zelser CNN (contributor) Princeton University (professor) [7]
Avi Zenilman Politico [2]
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