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About me

SlapHappy, Editor
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I am a Marylander, love the Redskins (no matter how bad we suck at the time), and have a great family! I would classify myself as a mild conservative (i.e., I am a little right of the middle on the bell-shaped-curve). I am a reverted Catholic (I was baptised Catholic, raised Southern Baptist, and reverted back to Catholicism after marriage). My main reason for reversion is simple...not a single preacher (Southern Baptist, Independent Baptist, Church of God, etc...) could explain the term "saved" and make sense at the same time. I have a hard time believing that as long as I am saved...I'm in. I believe in salvation through faith AND good works. Not one or the other.


I have been in Maryland since January of 2002. I have been married since 1999 and have three girls. I am originally from Florida, but have lived in three states (Hawaii, Florida, and Maryland) and five countries (Germany, Bulgaria, England, Spain, and the United States).

Soapbox Rant

This is my soapbox rant.

  • I believe that Conservapedia should change its name from "Conservapedia: The Trustyworthy Encyclopedia" to something less corny. To say,"...the trustworthy encyclopedia" would suggest that it is not trustworthy. Sort of like, "Honest Joe's Used Cars"...perhaps not so honest. Would you trust Joe to sell you a used car?
  • I think that everything in Conservapedia should be editable...EXCEPT one's user page.

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Bulgaria Germany United Kingdom United States

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Austria Belgium Bulgaria Canada Croatia Czech Republic East Germany, England, France Germany Gibraltar, Greece Ireland, Italy Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico Monaco, Morocco Netherlands Slovenia Spain Turkey Wales

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