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My real name is not Toby Chester; Toby is the name of my pug, and Chester is the name of my Toby's father.

I am a practising Traditional Roman Catholic and I attend SSPX churches.

I am English, but I currently reside in Malaya.

English is my first (and only) language.

I oppose LGBT marriage, and believe that there are only two genders.

I get my news from Bing News, Breitbart, The Daily Mail, The Express, Fox News, ITV News, MSN, The Sun, The Telegraph and Sky News.

I am a Microsoft person; I use Bing, Hotmail, Microsoft Edge, MSN and OneDrive.

I do not trust Apple and Google.

I am a keen boxing fan (watching boxing, not actually fighting).

I am a keen conspiracy theorist, and I partially believe in a few.

I am a keen fan of The Simpsons.

I eat meat and dairy, and I do not support most Animal rights movements, but I believe animals deserve cleaner deaths.

I formerly used the liberal Twitter before being unjustly banned.

I play piano.

I operate the following user accounts:

About Me
This user supports Brexit!
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This user is proud to be a British citizen.
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This user is Catholic
This user has repented of his sin against God and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.
This user supports Israel.
Sperm-egg.jpg This user believes life begins at conception.
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This user is a proud
Roman Catholic.
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This user supports President Donald Trump.
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YEC This user is a Young Earth Creationist.
|Abs| User's absolute choice is to abstain from sex of any kind until marriage.
This user does not use illegal drugs, and believes that marijuana and other illegal drugs should not be legalized.
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This user believes that firearms should be controlled, regardless of your interpretation of the Second Amendment.
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E/C This user is skeptical of Evolution.
This user believes guns harm more people than they help
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This user wishes personal firearms were illegal. Some day.
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This user is male.
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This user enjoys classical music.
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