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"I came out of homosexuality after a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ... I can say with complete honesty that I NEVER have homosexual desires of any sort - physical or emotional." - Ex-lesbian Yvette Cantu Schneider

Welcome to Wikiproject Ex-gay movement. We are a project trying to improve the quality of ex-gay articles. If you've sufficient knowledge in this topic area please specify under the members section.


Conservapedia has initiated a campaign to expand its number of articles relating to the ex-gay movement. Editors are encouraged to create articles on the subjects below. The objective is to provide the public with a greater understanding of the topic of ex-gay.

  • Create a comprehensive reference work of high quality articles covering the nature, therapies, history, people, organizations relating to ex-homosexuals
  • Develop an indispensable resource to assist those wanting to leave homosexuality
  • Spread awareness of Wikiproject Ex-gay movement and related articles and develop strategies to achieve high Google rankings








Leaving homosexuality


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