Andrew Yang 2020 presidential campaign

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Andrew Yang destroying the environment we leave to our children with a plastic straw.

Andrew Yang announced his intention to seek the Democratic party 2020 presidential election nomination in early 2019 on a platform based hyperinflation and economic pseudoscience. Yang promised $1,000 a month to anybody who votes for him, while collecting the money from whoever is stupid enough to keep working for a living. Yang advocates running the printing presses of the Federal Reserve Board 24/7 until people demand cost-of-living-increases, at which point larger denomination bills will be necessary. Yang longs for the good 'ol days of Weimar Germany and Hitler's pre-Beer Hall Putsch when workers were paid in wheelbarrows of cash, sometimes two times a day.

Yang believes that if the government gave away free money, it would reduce suicide and opioid abuse. Additionally, Yang wants to supplement payments to criminals to stay out of jail. A cultural Marxist, Yang has been endorsed by white supremacists and Richard Spencer[1] for which he is praised as "the most unifying candidate in American history."[2]

Yang is a single party fascist[3] whose proposals have been universally panned by experts.[4] Yang wants to confiscate guns and gas powered vehicles,[5] and to establish a federal Office of internet censorship to shut down Free Speech rights of anyone who dares to counter him and tell the truth.[6] Yang wants to wean Americans off a diet of farting cows and onto a diet resembling Michelle Obama's school lunches.

Yang's mic was muted several times during the debates,[7] leading to speculation among many that the DNC had, again, rigged the presidential nomination process.[8]

Yang was endorsed by fellow commie millionaire Elon Musk whom Jeffrey Epstein served as a friend and adviser for his board of directors.[9]