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A Board of Education is set of officials elected at the local level to oversee the management of the local public school. Depending on the location, there can be several Boards of Education for different grade levels in the public school system.

While Boards of Education give the appearance of local control, in fact the most important decisions concern the curriculum of what is taught, and that is typically outside the control of the Board. State standards, and now even federal standards (such as Common Core), promote an irreligious curriculum of liberal Nanny state Teacup Generation propaganda designed to indoctrinate and destroy the faith of students by the time they graduate.

Due to Board of Education decisions and how the liberal public school culture, students are exposed to professor values, Global warming hoax theories, San Francisco values via the homosexual agenda, entitlement mentality, participate in fashion industry values, in addition to the elitist Hollywood values they already receive from television, movies and the mainstream media.

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