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Atomic symbol Ca
Atomic number 20
Classification Alkaline Earth
Atomic mass 40.1 amu
Number of Stable Isotopes 6
Density (grams per cc) 1.55 g/cm^3
Other Information
Date of discovery 1808
Name of discoverer Sir Humphrey Davy
Name origin From the Latin calx (limestone)
Uses Calcium is one of the primary elements in bones, shells, etc. Taking calcium internally can promote bone growth.
Obtained from Chalk, limestone, marble.

Calcium is a very important element to human physiology, as calcium-phosphate salts form the basis for the creation of bones. It is also a critical cellular component in all organisms, and in animals serves roles of particular importance in blood, the cardiovascular system, and the nervous system. Consuming too much calcium can lead to kidney stones, which are typically composed of calcium deposits.

Calcium in its pure form is referred to as "the white element" and must be kept isolated from air.