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Name Xenon
Symbol Xe
Atomic number 54
Atomic mass 131.3
Normal state gas
Density 0.00588 g/cm3
Color none
Number of Stable Isotopes 36
Date of discovery September 1898
Name of discoverer William Ramsay & Morris Travers
Uses photographic flashes, high pressure arc lamps, radiation detection, medical general anesthetic and imaging, and ion thruster propellant.

Xenon (ZEN-on or ZEE-non)is a noble gas. Since it is an almost completely unreactive, it is often used in industrial processes as a coolant. However, in 1962, Xenon was shown to react with Fluorine, to produce Xenon Hexafluoride. Due to the masses of the heavier noble gases, it fulfills the prediction that heavier noble gases should be able to react.