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Name Nobelium
Symbol No
Atomic number 102
Atomic mass 259 amu
Normal state Assumed Solid
Classification Metallic
Crystal structure Unknown
Color unknown, but probably metallic and silvery white or grey in appearance
Date of discovery 1958
Name of discoverer A.Ghiorso, T.Sikkeland, J.R. Walton and G.T. seaborg
Name origin Named after the Swedish chemist, Alfred Nobel.
Uses Research purposes only.

Nobelium is a synthetic element, it has an atomic number of 102 and its symbol beingNo. It was first identified by physicists in 1966 at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia. This was not the first time that this element had been created, with scientists at Nobel Institute in Sweden producing the element in 1957, however there was not enough evidence to fully verify that they had successfully created it. They did however give the element the name Nobelium.