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Environmental stewardship will refer to processes and conventions related to the environment and environmental protection, such as Permaculture (see Permaculture Playing Cards for full list of topics), food forest, pollution control, recycling, green manure mulch (instead of fertilizer) such as chop and drop mulching, leguminous plants, composting and compost tea, aquaculture-aquaponics, wind erosion prevention and rainwater harvesting via ponds and earth works like hugelkultur, berms and swales on contour, barren land recovery, perennial plant polyculture, support species close-grown crops, gardening, intercropping, green building like wofati and passive solar building design, holistic management, rotational grazing, managed intensive rotational grazing (mob grazing), paddock shift, coop and run, free range, chicken tractor, etc.

The contents of this category should be differentiated from Environmentalism.


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