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Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company is the company that produces, among other things, the sweet carbonated beverage Coca-Cola. It was founded by Asa Griggs Candler in the late nineteenth century. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Political contributions

In the 2012 election, The Coca-Cola Company favored Republicans over Democrats 50 to 49 percent.[1]

Working with Nazi regime

In the 1930s, the Coca-Cola company had a branch in Germany that worked with Nazi regime, enthusiastically sponsored the 1936 Olympics and advertised in Nazi manipulative magazine Der Stürmer.[2]

Supporting Global Sexual Revolution

Recently, the Coca-Cola Company has been taken over by LGBT+ pressure group and its allies hence started to adopt the homo-fascist policies of LGBT gleichschaltung aiming to spread sexual anarchy and homosexual agenda under the fig leaf of so-called diversity, inclusion, and "Culture of Equality", a camouflage term for LGBT bundling. The victims of LGBT+ ideomotor effect are labeled in the politically correct jargon as "the LGBT+ community", "LGBTQ people" and bundled with true ethnic minorities. The company charitable resources has been diverted to homosexual-controlled events and organizations including the London Pride, Brighton Pride and International LGBT Pride Day in Brazil for which company created special manipulative advertising ads.[3][4][5] In one of them they use the term 'homophobia' that aims to put thoughtful critics of sodomitical lifestyle on defensive and that was invented by self-described homosexual George Weinberg when smoking marijuana.

Opposition to Georgia election reform

The Coca-Cola Company recently came out in opposition to election reform laws, designed to neutralize Democrat election fraud (such as that seen in the 2020 presidential election) by requiring photo ID to vote, recently passed by the Republican-dominated Georgia legislature; Coke based its opposition on lies about the laws being spread through the liberal media by Joe Biden and the Democrats, falsely claiming that the new laws are "racist" and likening them to "Jim Crow" (conveniently ignoring that the Democrats themselves were the architects of Jim Crow).[6] In response to the controversy, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee jokingly derided Coke by calling the company "Woke-a-Cola", while eight GOP members of the Georgia legislature ordered the cancellation of delivery of Coke products to their offices, and President Donald Trump called for a boycott of all companies, including Coke, that oppose election integrity. Coca-Cola alongside Delta and Home Depot, apparently realizing the backlash, avoided signing the petition published by the New York Times of companies that are against Georgia election reform,[7] though its executives did nonetheless help with a fundraiser for Democrat Georgia Representative Nikema Williams, who infamously lied about the election being "stolen" from Stacey Abrams.[8]

Bending the knee to Antifa and BLM

In June 2020, the Coca-Cola Company was listed as one of numerous leftist-controlled companies that have gone "woke" and now support the criminal rioters of Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the wake of the 2020 leftist riots.[9] The company later did it again by pushing the falsehood that the new Georgia Voter ID laws were racist and attempted to block the vote, resulting in Donald Trump and even some RINOs advocating that they boycott their products.


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