Homosexuality and fascism

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The high number of homosexuals within fascist movements worldwide has been commented on by observers from a wide range of political positions. All of the following have at some time been categorized as "fascist" at least by those whose own views are left-wing.

Historical examples

Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900), the German atheist philosopher whose ideas were an inspiration to Adolf Hitler, is now widely thought to have been homosexual. Sometimes described as the "the state philosopher of the Third Reich", he was never married, and was certainly not interested in women (other than Lou Andreas), although he was very preoccupied in his writings with sexuality. Passages in his own diary and letters suggest homosexuality.[1] The biographer Joachim Kohler has concluded he was homosexual.[2] Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung relate an anecdote that Nietzsche contracted syphilis, from which he died, during a visit to a homosexual brothel in Genoa, Italy.[3][4]

Adolf Brand

Adolf Brand (1874–1945) created the first homosexual magazine of the 20th century, Der Eigene (the Self-Owner), in Germany. It was elitist and militaristic, a clear forerunner of Nazi ideology. Brand asserted "that gay men were the foundation of all nation-states and represented an elite, warrior caste that should rule. They venerated the ancient warrior cults of Sparta, Thebes and Athens."[5]

Ernst Röhm

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One of the founders of the German Nazi party, he was an open homosexual, finally assassinated on the orders of his rival for power, Adolf Hitler, who may well have been homosexual himself. They first met in 1920, and were close friends for 14 years. Röhm and his SA built Dachau, the first concentration camp. He promoted his homosexual friends to high posts and gave homosexual parties. It has been said by historian Louis Snyder that Röhm "projected a social order in which homosexuality would be regarded as a human behaviour pattern of high repute… He flaunted his homosexuality in public and insisted his cronies do the same. He believed straight people weren’t as adept at bullying and aggression as homosexuals, so homosexuality was given a high premium in the SA." Elie Wiesel, the Jewish Holocaust survivor, records in his writings that there were many homosexual SS guards who exploited boys in the concentration camps. "There existed here a veritable traffic of children among homosexuals."[6]

Edouard Pfieffer

Edouard Pfieffer, who was a senior minister in the 1930s under the French premier Daladier, influenced the government in a pro-Nazi direction. Historian John Costello writes of Pfeiffer: "As a connoisseur of homosexual decadence, Pfeiffer had few equals, even in Paris. As an officer of the French Boy-Scout movement, his private life was devoted to the seduction of youth." [7] [8]

Michael Kühnen

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Martin Lee, author of a study of European fascism, explains, “For Kuhnen, there was something supermacho about being a Nazi, as well as being a homosexual."

Martin Webster

See entry on Martin Webster.

One of the leaders of the UK National Front, a nationalist and anti-immigration movement in the 1980s, Webster was openly homosexual. Ray Hill, who infiltrated the British fascist movement for twelve years to gather information for anti-fascist groups, said homosexuality is “extremely prevalent” in the British far right, and "at one stage in the 1980s nearly half of the movement’s organisers were gay".

Michel Caignet

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Non-fascists frequently derided as "fascists" by the Left

While liberals claim to reject fascism in its totality, and while they falsely deride the following right-wing or conservative individuals as "fascist", these figures reject a heterosexual and biblical lifestyle in addition to their other views.

Pim Fortuyn

Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, described as a "gay former Marxist professor", ran on an anti-immigrant and anti-Islam platform, that was categorized as racist by leftwing observers. He was openly, flamboyantly homosexual. He was assassinated in May 2002, after opinion polls had predicted he would do very well in the imminent General Election. He was aged 54. His murderer said he shot Fortuyn to protect the Muslims of the Netherlands. [9] [10]

Alice Weidel

Born 1979, she is the co-leader of the German Alternative für Deutschland party, which opposes immigration, Islamization, and globalism. AfD is classified as "far-right" by the mainstream media. Weidel used to work as an investment banker for Goldman Sachs and Allianz Global Investors. She is openly lesbian and lives in Switzerland for tax reasons with a woman partner originally from Sri Lanka. The couple have adopted two children. They have recently been accused of illegally employing a Syrian refugee as a cleaner. [11]

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Nazism Prevalent in Homosexual Porn and in LGBT Movement

Nazi uniforms are often to be seen in Gay Pride Parades and Nazi themes and images abound in homosexual pornography. Tom of Finland, the artist famous for his sadomasochistic homoerotic art, has been called “the most influential creator of gay pornographic images.” A homosexual commentator, Johann Hari has admitted in the Huffington Post that "Homo-Nazi sites... have bred on the internet like germs in a wound. They have names like Gays Against Semitism (with the charming acronym GAS), and the Aryan Resistance Corps (ARC). Their Rohmite philosophy is simple: while white men are superior to other races, gay men are “the masters of the Master Race”. They alone are endowed with the “capacity for pure male bonding” and the “superior intellect” that is needed for “a fascist revolution.” The ARC even organizes holiday “get-togethers” for its members where “you can relax amongst the company of our fellow white brothers.”[12] [13]