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Ketanji Brown Jackson[1] (KBJ) (b. September 14, 1970) is the first black birthing person who cannot define what a woman is that was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. She is a former clerk for Justice Stephen Breyer. Jackson was born in Washington, D.C., and attended public high school in Miami, Florida. She was nominated to the Supreme Court by socialist premier Joe Biden after Biden vowed to exclude other qualified candidates and to take affirmative action.[2] Jackson is the first African American woman appointed to the Supreme Court; ironically, in her nomination hearings, Jackson testified that she could not define what a woman is ("I'm not a biologist").[3]

In March 2021 Merrick Garland was appointed Biden regime chief prosecutor, opening his seat in the DC appeals court for Jackson. In June 2021 Jackson was confirmed with a vote of 53-47. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Lindsey Graham voted with Democrats to support Jackson to the circuit court.

Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network, told the Washington Free Beacon that if Biden were to nominate Jackson to the Supreme Court it would be "one more example of Biden rewarding the Arabella dark money network that spent hundreds of millions of dollars to elect Biden and Senate Democrats."[4] She is supported by radical pro-abortion groups[5] and she has taken the pro-abortion position by banning pro-life activists from protesting against abortion as she did in 2001, which is a violation of the Constitution and the First Amendment.[6]

Jackson has deviated from guidelines below the minimum sentence in 100% of cases of persons convicted of pedophilia or in possession of child pornography.

During her nomination hearings for the Supreme Court, Jackson admitted she didn't know what a woman was, explained how kiddie porn convicts deserved preferential treatment, justified low sentences for drug dealers as victimless crimes, pretended not to know about her own woke ideology, and couldn't figure out Roe v. Wade or even remember the Dred Scott decision. In all of her statements, Jackson publicly demonstrated that she is woefully unqualified for the seat she now occupies on the Supreme Court; the only reason she is now on the Supreme Court is that the Biden regime, which chose her as an affirmative action candidate based on her race and her sex and not on her experience or merit, chose to ignore all of the above-noted red flags against her when they came up.

Issues, in short

Kentaji Brown Jackson has stated/acted:

  • Leniently on sex offenders and child pornography.[7][8]
  • Made it seem as if sex offenders are the victim.[9]
  • Supremacist Black Hate Group -- anti-Semitic Black Hebrew Israelites[10] -- Members are Just "Vegans."[11] (The 2019 Hanukkah stabber, Grafton E. Thomas, a Hitler fan, mentioned 'Black Hebrew Israelites' hate group[12][13]).
  • Softly on Islamic Jihadists at Gitmo.[14][15]
  • Called Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush "war criminals."[16]
  • Can't define what is a woman.[17]

Gitmo defender

KBJ's record shows she was a zealous advocate for Gitmo terror suspects.[14]

Graham questions whether Biden SCOTUS nominee is 'neutral observer' of law:[15]
"So this idea she's a neutral observer of the law, not an activist, is not passing the smell test, because when she was a lawyer, not only did she represent four Gitmo defendants as a public defender, which I'm fine with. She actually participated in three [amicus] briefs by liberal organizations that accused the Bush administration of being war criminals.

MSM on questioning KBJ

Overwhelmingly, CNN, not to mentioned MSNBC[18] casted questions by Republicans as "political."

In addition, CNN, NYT echoed White House talking point accusing GOP of supposed 'QAnon-signaling.'[19]

PBS' Yamiche Alcindor dismissed questioning regarding the troubling record of Jackson at the hearings, as "disrespectful."[20]

Baby sex cases

After hearing at Congress, further revelation showed Ketanji Brown Jackson even chose leniency in baby sex cases.[21]
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson heard horrifying details of ‘sadomasochistic’ torture of young kids — including ‘infants and toddlers’ — yet challenged the disturbing evidence presented by prosecutors and disregarded their prison recommendations to give the lightest possible punishments in each case.


In 1996, Brown Jackson married surgeon Patrick G. Jackson. They have two daughters. Jackson is related by marriage to former U.S. House Speaker, Republican Paul Ryan. Her husband is the twin brother of Ryan's brother-in-law.

Related matters

Frank James

Frank James, the terrorist 'suspect' in the Apr 12, 2022 NY Subway mass shooting, where 10 people were shot and at least 23 were hurt in the chaos,[22] AKA Frank Whitaker,[23] a fan of black nationalism, including Nation of Islam's founder Elijah Muhammad,[24] had expressed disappointment that Justice Ketanji Jackson is married to a white man.[25] He left a long trail of hate at several groups.[26] He had also posted racist rants against Whites, Hispanics, Asians.[27]

Definition of woman

According to Rep. Madison Cawthorn (Republican for North Carolina), a woman is defined as follows: “XX chromosomes, no tallywhacker. It’s so simple”.[28] Though there is some truth to what representative Cawthorn says, biology suggests that matters are not that simple. One example is "Turner syndrome", where a woman only has one X chromosome.[29]


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