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Made in USA is a mark label regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that tells the "country of origin" of a product is "all or virtually all" made in the United States of America.

Surprisingly few brands of any product are now American made. Sadly, the vast majority of products have moved offshore to mainland China or other parts of Asia. Before purchasing merchandise first check on its "country of origin". Take the time to look at labels. When buying from mailorder catalogs or online, take a minute to call and ask, before you order. If a product listing says "imported", then the odds are now better than 80% that it is made in mainland China[1] which is one factor that helped China in 2014 so surpass the United States as the world's largest economy. This is the first time since the post Civil War era that America is not the world's largest economy.

If in doubt about the origin of a product, these websites are useful:

All-American Firearms Manufacturers

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