New Party (Brazil)

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New Party
Party leader João Dionísio Amoêdo
Parliamentary leader
Founded February 12, 2011
Political ideology Classical liberalism
Fiscal conservatism
Limited government
New Right
Political position Fiscal: Free market
Social: Moderate
International affiliation
Color(s) orange and white

The New Party (in Portuguese: Partido Novo, NOVO) is, as the name implies, the newest Brazilian political party. It achieved its final registration in October 2015, despite having been founded as a political college in February 2011. The name of the party, according to his supporters, refers to the fact that the party has a different ideological line of traditional lines of Brazilian politics (dominated by the left-wing since 1985) and have been founded by people with no political career, advocates of limited government and opponents of the re-election to any public office.

Amoedo, founder of the party, says he doesn't like political rotulations, which is demonstrated in the proposals advocated by the party.[1] The focus of the party in defense of a democratic state to preserve individual liberties, encourage entrepreneurship, competition, citizen participation in political life and has a focused expertise in the areas of basic education, health, security, infrastructure and preservation of the coin.[2] Among the proposals of the party, stand out from the end of compulsory voting and the end of the party fund; defending, therefore, the exclusive private financing campaign.[3] Party commitment to meritocracy and shows against programs that create divisions, such as racial quotas.[4] The party also advocates easing to the guns.[5]

The privatization of state enterprises as the Petrobras and the Bank of Brazil also count as priority, according to the president, improve public management. The main objective, according to the founders, is to ensure economic freedom and to end the state privileges rather than just protecting an elite.[6] In an interview, Amoedo points out that the party seeks a reduction of the tax burden combined with cutting state costs[7] in areas of great impact, but recognizes the importance of government social programs like Bolsa Familia (Family Grant),[4] which has minimal influence in comparative budget other policies of past governments,[7] while not an advocate of it.

Despite the libertarian views, the party didn't declare his position on the decriminalization of abortion, drugs and same-sex "marriage", focusing only on the speech on fiscal conservatism and the state decline, considered these more essential past that the first three themes.


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