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Social Liberal Party

Social Liberal Party
Party leader Luciano Caldas Bivar
Parliamentary leader
Founded October 30, 1994
Political ideology Libertarianism
Fiscal conservatism
Liberalism (former)
Political position Fiscal: Free market
Social: Social conservatism
International affiliation
Color(s) purple and white

Social Liberal Party (PSL) is a conservative Brazilian political party led by Jair Bolsonaro, despite what its name suggests. The party has changed its political ideology several times since its creation. ideologically connected to the libertarian and objectivist right. It was founded with moderately liberal ideas, who argued that the federal government should spend on healthcare, education, security, energy and other basic industries, but that would total space for other sectors would be dominated by the private sector.

However, since 2015, taking advantage of the fact of the party being small and insignificant, the libertarian internal tendency LIVRES (in English: FREE) decided to make an ideological reformulation in the party, leading the party to a more right-wing liberalism, keeping the moderate social ideas, but turning the party fiscally conservative and advocate of limited government.[1]

The party shifted further to the right, especially on social issues, when Jair Bolsonaro took control over it. Its members are socially conservative Christians.[2]

The party became a right-wing party during the 2018 elections, as it took conservative positions on both economic and social issues. Previously, it took social liberal positions, but it has since shifted.

According to its official website, the party supports the American model of federalism.[3]

In 2019, in the first year of the presidency of Bolsonaro, the party leaders became disappointed at Bolsonaro for not giving the party any chance to gain money by corruption.[4] They betrayed Bolsonaro and conspired against him,[5], Bolsonaro broke off with PSL.[6]. In 2022, the party united with Democratas, another allegedly right-wing party, and formed a new party, União Brasil.[7]


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