Party of the Reconstruction of the National Order

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Party of the Reconstruction of the National Order
Party leader Enéas Carneiro
Parliamentary leader
Founded October 30, 1990
Political ideology Neoconservatism
Political position Fiscal: Protectionism
Social: Conservative
International affiliation
Color(s) green and yellow

The Party of the Reconstruction of the National Order (in Portuguese: Partido da Reedificação da Ordem Nacional, PRONA) was a Brazilian nationalist[1] political party. Was founded (and chaired) by the doctor and congressman Enéas Carneiro. Their party advertisements have become distinct and famous for the speed with which they were conveyed in Election Time Free (given the short time available to it the party) as well as the behavior "impetuous" of their candidates (such as Enéas himself) and the use of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony as soundtrack.

The party was officially favorable to patriotism, considered ultranationalist by his critics, proclaiming itself independent of current traditional policies. His followers, however, considered it patriotic or nationalistic simply, not extremely statist, as in the fascist model. The party is well known for his positions on controversial issues, such as the defense of nuclear research, not for military purposes (which would lead to the break with a number of international peaceful settlements), but with strategic and diplomatic goals.

Record federal deputy votes, having obtained more than 1.5 million votes in 2002 by the state of São Paulo, the cardiologist Enéas Carneiro became famous for his blunt way of expression and loudly, in rough and eccentric appearance and by his staff "My name is Enéas! 56!" in the Brazilian television campaign time. Enéas was a candidate for the presidency of Brazil in 1989, 1994 and 1998. To circumvent the restrictions imposed by the barrier of election law clause, which begin to take effect from the 2007 legislature of thethe National Congress, the party merged on 24 October 2006, with the Liberal Party, creating the Party of the Republic.[2]

Political spectrum

The party is regarded by liberal sectors as a far-right party. However, the status of the party and various statements of its President Enéas Carneiro show that the party was conservative in the social sectors, but an opponent of fiscal conservatism and socialism. The only flag raised by the party was nationalism. The extinct party is classified as centrist by the Brazilian sectors of the New Right.


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