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Revolutionary Capitalism (Capitalismo Revolucionario in Spanish) is a movement and ideology originated in Chile and founded by Sebastián Izquierdo.


The ideology takes ideas from the libertarian ideology, from patriotism as well of some of the marxist praxis and political strategies. Its base is to invert the relation between the State and the private property by putting the private property as the base of the society.

The main points of Revolutionary Capitalism are: metaphysical relationism, property ontology, social relations theory, fundamentals of private property, public and private ontology, subordination theory and revolution theory.


The movement has organized and participated in several manifestations against globalism, abortion, the Gender Ideology and mass immigration.

In their YouTube Channel they have made reports about current political topics, in which members of the movements ask random people in the street about these topics. Some important figures have been interviewed like Agustín Laje, Hermógenes Pérez de Arce, Javier Milei and many right-wing activist from all Latin America.

In February 15th, during a patriotic march against the New Constitution, Antifa appeared to attack elder people, in response Revolutionary Capitalism and the movement We still have homeland defended the march by attacking Antifa back causing injuries in them.[1]

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